Yvonne Nelson Reveals Political Ambitions
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Yvonne Nelson Reveals Political Ambitions

Yvonne Nelson Reveals Political Ambitions

Politics these days is taking a different turn as it was believed in the past that politics was a man role. Today, women are getting more involved in politics which brings controversy to the belief of old.

Nowadays, you find a lot of persons wanting to get into politics which makes me wonder if they actually go through the right channel. In the old, there was an obligation of you enrolling in an academic study of politics which is referred to as political science. Today, the story is all different. You find people wanting to get into the political system without proper training and proffesionalknow-how of the field.

Yvonne Nelson Reveals Political Ambitions

Yvonne Nelson  Reveals Political Ambitions

It will interest you to know that one of Ghana’s top actress who happens to be a movie producer too has made it clear that she wishes to represent her constituency one day as she has as ambition to join politics.

During UTV’s entertainment show ‘United Showbiz’ hosted by actress Nana Ama McBrown, Yvonne said she will one day follow the steps of her colleague John Dumelo who is presently into politics. This was striking to hear and the host went on to further ask when exactly she had in mind to put her ambitions to action and she said ‘ the time will definitely come’.

Yvonne wasn’t wrong when she talked about following her colleague into the wild field ‘politics’. Famous Ghanian actor John Dumelo is to represent the opposition party ‘ National Democratic Congress’ in the Ayawaso West Wagoun constituency as a member of parliament in the December 7th upcoming elections.

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Unlike previous days when actors were contained with just being actors and staying in the industry, today you find them digging deep into fields of work which leaves you with doubt if they just wanted to be celebrities before heading for that dream profession.

More detail will be yours once she finally becomes a politician.

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