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This is one debate I have had in the past days with my friend and sisters its not anything easy to conclude on. It so happens that my direct follower really loves dressing up every morning and rushes to her place of work so does my friend who owns a fashion shop. Now, my other sister Jessy totally hates the idea of having a nine to five job she dreams of having businesses managed by others and she just goes around to see its progress as for me……………………….


Now, this one is an “Office Boss Lady”.She loves getting involved in company activities and in my opinion, she is driven by her quest for greatness through the challenges she takes up.

When she is a partaker, a nine to five job is just perfect for her especially when the pay is wow!! she definitely wants to be an entrepreneur in the future but don’t get me wrong while keeping her white-collar job.

In my opinion, Scan is a steady job keeper she prefers to wake up early, dress up and rush to her place of work. It’s just so incredible how much she gets involved in disputes which have to do with a choice of job. I remember so well how each time we brought up a talk on jobs she just kept emphasizing on her desire to step out to her office and her dreams of one day working in a big multinational company.

If you enjoy holding on to your steady job, I could boldly tell you Scan is a big companion. Thumbs up to all those hustlers who step out every morning to end a pay.


On the other hand, my kid sister Jessy says she would rather prefer to own businesses with other people managing it and doing all the work for her because to her she won’t have that will to wake up early every morning, take a shower and get ready to step out for a nine to five job.

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Jessy says routines are boring, she just wants to be able to wake up at her own time do whatever comes to mind, relax while her bank account is being loaded. She doesn’t want to feel obliged to wake up for a job; rather she just wishes to sit back and get to check her businesses and how they are going when she feels the urge to.

She also says her not getting totally involved into any steady job or home job will give her enough time to spend and pay full attention towards her family and will also permit her manage her own personal life while taking some sweet trips and vacations without any hindrances.

It’s a big wow!! On how smooth and less stressful her life would be if this actually works for her which of course I pray it does and I am strongly convinced her kids are going to be super happy always having their mum at their side. Amazing yes it is.


I usually felt the urge to step out each and every other day in a classic and elegant outfit with a sweet pair of shoes to go to work. Before you ask why I will tell you its simple I loved being admired and envied for being employed funny right? I believed employment was all about stepping out every morning for the hustle.

Now, I can’t get enough than just sit back here from the comfort of my house and expect some alerts into my account. It feels incredibly great to wake up every morning and make money even in bed from my home.

I have a personal schedule now oh my!! not working at the convenience of someone else feels excessively great.

Working from home is awesome because I have no transportation cost and traffic hold-ups in the name of going to work, I need not spend much on food because I can eat something from home once I get hungry its an awesome way to save cash which would have been spent on transportation and lunch breaks.

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Stepping out each an every day at a given time to make a Boss who might not appreciate or see your efforts a millionaire is no longer the case. I rather put in that effort and consistency into my own work from home and get the millions for myself.

With working from home, I can now have vacations at my own paste since I can work remotely from anywhere and anytime too. I don’t need any particular dress code for work even with no bra own I earn some cash. I will, therefore, say its a very big yes working from home than a steady job to me.


My friend Pepsy who owns a fashion boutique likes her steady job as a business lady. You will find her always so happy to step out for her business “early to go late to return”. Well, she likes being her own boss but doesn’t think online job is really effective.

The manner in which she treats and makes her clients feel, makes you see how much she loves what she does and how unready she is to ever think of leaving her steady business job for a home job.

She says, paying bills for a shop and all tax that follows, strikes some consciousness in her that she has bills to pay and has no other option than taking her business seriously. “if I am to work from the comfort of my house, I won’t be able to pay my bills because I can’t get myself to work if I don’t have a push besides I can’t tell how effective a home job is” so says my friend.

Now I know my friend and am just happy she knows what works for her. If you are into the business world and it really works for you I advise you keep it because we only excel in what works for us and what we have passion for.

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Fact remains, while some of us are seriously trying to get into the work at homeworld, a huge percentage of persons all over the world would rather maintain their steady jobs than join the work at home team.

I want to believe that some of the reasons why most people prefer their steady jobs are, most of them fear to take up challenges that come alongside home jobs, others just don’t think it’s worth the risk, some think working from home won’t bring them respect since they won’t get to step out and people won’t know they work because most of the time they stay indoors and another reason is certain persons enjoy being addressed with big titles so those who have not gotten those titles yet are willing to work really hard to get them so they prefer to maintain their steady jobs.

On the other hand, most of us who prefer the work at home may just have passion for it, some may have other hindrances like birth of a new child, previous experiences from steady jobs, health issues and some just enjoy traveling all around the world and the only possibility to do this is on your own schedule.

Anyways to me, working from home is a plus because it gives you time to organize and plan your schedule to your own taste.

It’s fun to work from home because in any attire am good to go for the hustle.

In a nutshell, whether a steady or a work from home job the essence is how satisfied you are and how much desired goals you attain from either job. At the end of the day, we are all looking for the same thing which so ever works for you is awesome and the best of luck is all I can wish you.

Will you prefer to work with no bra on or you rather prefer a steady job?


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