Why Jovi Always Ends Up Standing Alone.


According to Zamina’s Blog, Cameroon’s Rap Artist Jovi has reasons why he is always alone at his end as he gives out some reasons.

For over some Years now, Jovi dissociates himself from many things that has to do with Coming together with His colleagues .He is always seen supporting them from a Distance .Getting closer to them and having projects with them is a no go area . Wondering why he is always on his own ?

Truth . Jovi will do nothing apart from what is true . Many people can’t handle the truth because they can’t stand him . Jovi said if we are to organize protests that will have an impact ,it should be in the Affected regions . That was the truth but our Artistes ignored it and went for the photoshoot in Yaounde .
He said Hashtags won’t solve the problem and people got so mad at him but that was true . How many Cameroonians are still using the hashtags ? It’s going down right ? These truths always make him stand alone .

Fake .Jovi will not get himself into any Fukrey .No matter the pressure he gets from the public , he won’t do it . But our Artistes will do everything to fake it .They know how to go about everything but will fake it for the Clout.They are excited about the fact that they will be regarded as people who protested but forget to ask themselves these questions.
What were they protesting against?
What is the impact ?
Jovi will join no fake group to earn clout .

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Smart and Strategic .Like Jovi said ” Your thoughts are still forming but you are quick to speak it ” You have an initiative, you haven’t crossed examine it but you are already trying to execute it .You can’t succeed with that . Jovi is smart and strategic .Some of these Artists are not , it is always a nightmare working with people who dont think straight as they never see reasons with you .

Visionary and a born Leader. Jovi is a visionary and a born leader .He has almost all the qualities of a born leader .It is just so hard for him to follow people who are going nowhere reason he always stands alone .As a leader , he is strict,real and different reasons why many people can’t even stand with him.

From all what is happening and from what I have seen in this industry, Jovi will always be alone . He can only be with his fans and only a few artists that believe in him.

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