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Most dream to be celebrities someday and to me, I see nothing wrong in being one yes absolutely nothing. I mean the respect it brings, popularity and the feelings it comes with. Yay, I have always wanted to know how it feels to be a public figure and definitely looking forward to that.

Well, it might surprise you were our celebs add more vibes to their look because I was shocked as well haha guest what it’s my fav mixed beauty saloon.

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HAIR FORCE 1 is where all the transformation and magic happens. It’s located at BESSEKE BONABERI DOUALA. I enjoy going there because comfort is obvious, the employees are respectful, patient and friendly which gives you that desire to come and return again. why not? recommend to others.

My first time of visiting this place was an awesome and memorable experience. You could see my teeth outside almost all through because of the fun in there. It was fascinating to see the team spirit they possess and also how much confidence and assurance they build in you.

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If you know that one French Cameroon artist that can make you move a dance step and sweat then this guy is one. It’s no secret that Tenor’s extra glow is the handwork of “HAIR FORCE 1 BONABERI”.

You want to look great and awesome like our french artist Tenor then you got nothing to worry about: with a visit to hair force, your bounce up game is on point.

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Pascal @pikin for sun isn’t left out in this glowing aspect he takes pleasure coming to Hair Force to look good besides looking good is good business.


Hair Force is that beauty parlor where you can have your look beautified from hair cut to hairdressing, massage, face treatment, hair treatment, body scrub, pedicure, and manicure. With all these in one package its only right to give it a try. I bet you will enjoy every service they render our celebs do hence a push to try.

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President chop chop didn’t fail to be a part of this. It is very important to look good and once you have a place like “Hair Force” offering great services at affordable prices, what you waiting for to rush there and get the best.

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You can notice here that, Hair Force is concerned with more than just the hair stuff and body stuff. Do you see who we’ve got at the back? MR LEO haha he is getting ready for a show by Hair Force which gives us reasons to believe that Hair Force has more to offer than just the normal dealings with your hair and body.

For your shows, concerts and so much more, a drop by HAIR FORCE BESSENGE BONABERI could get you a more enhanced look.

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Impressive it appears the artist I term “an artist with the voice that moves the angles” LOCKO also finds Hair Force appealing and worthy to be called his beauty parlor.

Now, look at his hair cut look at his look isn’t it just so lovely and adorable? at Hair Force, that look you seek is guaranteed.

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Do I need to tell you who this is? haha, our lovely female artist Askia makes the list of those celebs that trust their looks into the hands of the powerful Hair Force Team for a great and outstanding result.

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This is just to say Hair Force Bonaberi gat it all under control so ladies you can all rush to this great point of service. what does ASKIA’S nails tell you? that Hair Force Bonaberi gat you on that too. Beautiful ain’t it? I will be rushing there for mine too come on let’s go what are you waiting for?


Exactly what I am talking about your feet can look perfectly great at Hair Force too. At the end of this, foot odor, dead cells, and all those inconveniences will only be a nightmare.

For a great pedicure feel rush to Hair Force and feel proud to flaunt your feet at every given opportunity.


At Hair Force, your face issues vanish like yesterday. Kindly drop by and get the feel of the black mask doing its miracle on your face at a moderate price. With Hair Force, your wahala is theirs.

Now I hope you know everyone needs to look absolutely gorgeous because your self-confidence first comes from this end. I know a couple of people who can’t stand a crowd and others due to their look but now, the question is Does Hair Force have a place for everybody? yes, why not?.

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The little ones ain’t left out. Do you see the expression on the hairdresser’s face? It’s exactly that trend I admire most with the employees of Hair Force.

They make you feel wanted and at home. Your kids deserve to look great like the angels they really are and Hair Force is the place to be.

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Nothing is impossible at Hair Force what you bring is what you get. Our little man has proven it up there, right? Look how fabulous his hair is.

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What do you want? Pedicure or manicure? At HAIR FORCE your look is covered.

Rush to HAIR FORCE for an enhanced celebrity, personal and family look. Hope you enjoy their services.

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