what did you learn from your past ralationship?



I believe every relationship is a lesson. There is no relationship you will get into and fail to pick up one or two things from it. It’s in this light we will be looking at this topic. WHAT DID YOU LEARN FROM PAST RELATIONSHIP?

I’ll like you to put your happiness as a priority. If there’s love, your happiness will be that of your partner and vice versa. We are supposed to be with someone we are quiet with.

As soon as you discover a relationship is abusive and not healthy no more, leave as soon as possible. It is of no use staying in a relationship that brings you pains and regret. It will only make you miserable.

Do you communicate? communication is very vital in every relationship. have an open meaningful communication at least once a week. your partner should be your best friend. You should be able to discuss with your partner easily.

Talk to your partner about your priorities. you see I personally believe that everyone has a priority. Now, if you can’t let your partner know what your priorities are, then I don’t believe you are really ready for a relationship because in the long run your partner may likely get it all wrong and this won’t be healthy for the relationship at all.


Again remember your partner needs some space don’t go about stalking your partner because it will only make your relationship boring for no reason. No one likes to be held down totally. Let your partner have time with friends, family, colleagues, etc you need that space too.

Others think relationship is all about money. They think with money a relationship will go smoothly and all that but I tell you what, relationship is not all about money. Go into a relationship for the purpose of money and see how hurt you are going to be at the end of it all.

Some people think they can change a person. The thing is, they fail to understand that, you can’t change a person. You see, you may be with someone and they decide to change because they feel you deserve more but never you rest on changing a person its not possible you will only make your relationship hell and also feel like your partner doesn’t love you because he isn’t granting you the upper hand to change him.

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Do not condition your partner when it comes to your partner pounding you. some relationships fail because they can’t meet up with their partner’s hunger for s**x. I am not saying there are not times when you just can’t deny what I am saying is do not make it a habit to deny approach and quest for this from your partner.

Never try to be someone else. Most at times, people give the wrong impression of who they are to their partners which is so very wrong. Allow your partner to get used to and fall in love with who you really are. Tricking your partner to believe you are a different person will only stress you in the entire process. Be you and enjoy your relationship.

Try to have fun with your partner it can go a long way to make your relationship more lifely. Go to the cinema together, take up a new hobby together, step out for a drink, etc it makes the relationship more engaged and fun to be in.

Be kind it goes a long way to make your partner free and open around you. At times you notice someone just being unnecessarily wicket towards their partner and I am asking myself to what goal is that?

Do your best to stay financially independent. Tell me, how would you feel if someone is to totally depend on you for every bit? or is it fun to you asking for every little thing from your partners? what feeling do you get when you are able to foot the greater part of your bills? Not saying your partner cant assist you but don’t depend totally on your partner.

Always remember you are in control of how you look. your appearance all depends on you. keep that look that boosts your confidence and makes you feel comfortable. Do not go about trying to please your partner and stay unhappy while doing that. If you feel the need to improve on your appearance and it makes you happy then give it a try but if changing your appearance isn’t what makes you happy then maintain how you look.


Take a weekend vacation with your partner if you can’t stand being on a weekend vacation with your partner, then certainly, it’s no doubt you can’t get married and live under the same root with this person.

Let’s all understand that in the long run priorities may change. As we grow and grow older, our priorities are likely to change. Don’t take it too hard once your partner’s priority changes its but a normal thing.

You should be able to feel complete, happy, and comfortable when looking at your other half that is how you know he matters to you. Being around your partner should bring you some relief and make you feel at home.

You should be able to crack jokes and play with your partner over seriousness at times really makes the relationship too stiff and over serious which makes it awkward and strange at times.

Learn to express your worries to your partner it makes no sense to be in a relationship where you can’t share what bothers you with your partner. Your partner should be that person you can share your achievements, happiness, pain, and worries with. If you can’t do this then I don’t believe that’s the right person for you.

what did you learn from your past ralationship?

Watch your partner’s action if your partner doesn’t want you to meet their friends or treats you differently around their friend I beg you to pick up your shoes and run. This could only mean either you are not the one or they’re simply not just proud to have you as partner.

Saying I love you and acting that way are two different things take out time to watch your partner’s actions and make sure they are in line with words because words are easily said and if they cant be put into actions, it only means one thing the words weren’t or aren’t sincere.

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Make a pro and con list of your partner it goes a long way to tell you if your relationship is in the right direction or not. That is aligned with your expectations.

You may neglect this, but it’s very important for you to know how your partner treats his/her siblings, parents, friends, etc as it goes a long way to really tell you who your partner is and also how your partner will treat your relations so never neglect this.

There is no right explanation for being disrespectful don’t be deceived when your partner tries to make you see reasons for disrespecting you. Your partner is not an animal to just disrespect you like that so watch out for this it is wrong.

Not all relationships last forever. Do not continue being in that relationship because you feel like you have to be there no, it’s okay to move on if it isn’t going anymore. You deserve to be happy.

Don’t beg people to stay in your life it’s ok for them to leave. Once they start showing you those <I am done mood> let them go so you can free yourself too. No need to force things remember you can’t force someone to stay it will only hurt you as their attention will be away from you.


You are special, awesome, and believe it or not there is that special one for you out there and you are certainly going to find peace, happiness, and a greater love with that person when you finally meet that special someone.




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