Vernyuy Tina Allegedly Pregnant For Her Producer.

Vernyuy Tina Allegedly Pregnant For Her Producer.

Have you been wondering why our Cameroon artist Vernyuy Tina has been rare on social media and in the music industry as a whole?

According to 237 blogger Michael Zamani, Vernyuy Tina is allegedly pregnant for her music producer Dijay Kliff. Remember she has been missing for a while….

He has produced numerous songs for her including her hit song “Musica”. It’s raining babies in the 237 industry.
Congratulations to the couple 🙌

We do not know how real this is but we will dig in more to bring to you the true story.

What if this isn’t just a rumor that she’s pregnant for her music producer? It will mean that Cameroonian artist have all decided to bring forth music babies since both parents are into music.

What is your say on this? Do you think she is actually pregnant for her producer or not?

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