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VALENTINE ENGAGEMENT EVENT-Valentine Suprise. When you hear valentine engagement, what comes to mind? in an all red area, a let’s impress the society or just for the moment? Let me walk you down on this one.

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Well, to me every engagement should be set for a genuine reason which is forever something. WANT TO BE BY YOU, LOVE YOU TODAY, TOMORROW AND FOREVER.

It so happened I came across a beautiful valentine surprise which happened to be an awesome valentine engagement on valentine’s day this year. Aww!! is it about the way it was planned? is it the joy it brought? or the memorable moments and splendid decors?

HAHA…… was just so colorful that I couldn’t resist but tell you all about what the decors were like because that is my sweetest of it all.

Before we get to the part you all are waiting for, I want to tell you a little secret. Giving a ring doesn’t mean changing who that person is. You know right?

If your partner has a bad side while in a relationship and you’ve been dealing with it, then it will be awesome for you to get ready to deal with those same excesses during the marriage.

Why do I say so? Now, it’s funny how a person thinks that someone will change after marriage. I bet you if these persons had to change wouldn’t it be in the relationship when they are still giving you reasons to stay? so if they didn’t change back then it cant be after the ring.

Ask me why? You knew this person from day one like that so how on earth do you think when they finally become yours they will change? Haha….. make sure to think well and also be sure this person you are about to make this lifetime request sees you the same way you see them.

Bottom line is, as you decide to take this bold step, make sure you are ready for all that lies ahead. It’s more than just “will you marry me” it’s all about “yes I will be there at all times no matter all odds”.

As you give her the ring, be sure you are ready. Don’t have a nagging girlfriend and think the ring will make her less of a nagger and to my lucky ladies don’t have a boyfriend who enjoys keeping late nights and think he will change once he moves you to the alter. it’s better you expect less and witness the change by surprise.

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It feels good to man up and take the bold decision to get that life partner yes! especially with the hot, fine-looking girls around hah!! It is awesome for that lucky woman to get the most expected question “will you marry me”? but also necessary to be certain its what you want.

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Now, let me move you to my favorite of every occasion and especially this one. Tell me you aren’t excited about good things? I know you are…. the decors here got me putting myself into those shoes haha!!

Not faking am being honest here. Imagine you walking into a temperature felt with so much Love and ambiance which actually is a surprise tell me what does it give?

The decor of this event was made up of heart touching colors. We had RED which signifies LOVE, WHITE which actually stands for PURITY, and the beautiful GOLD which signifies COMPASSION AND COURAGE. These were the most noticeable colors, Ash!! AM IN LOVE.


Aww!! Can you see that? am beginning here because to me the room is the most important part of the home since its where we rest it needs to be clean, beautiful and appealing. Once your room is comfortable a good rest comes.

First were those cute red balloons on the ceiling with white ribbons I imagine myself laying on that bed and admiring them no joke. The floor contained a huge quantity of balloons and a few red petals. Bed sweet bed my place of endless rest.

There was a clean white sheet with five roses, petals in the form of a heart with a red rose on the pillow. It’s so beautiful, right? wishes wishes!!! wished that was all about the room but there was more juice to that.

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Looking at the room window was that question that blows the mind as a lady “will you marry me”? Ooh!! YES, I WILL haha……….

If you ask me, I will boldly tell you this section of the room carried the entire story. Their pictures were attached unto the white ribbons making it really noticeable that it has been a journey. Below the lovely question on the window in bold writings were red petals on the floor with a heart art made out of cute looking white bits. At the sides of those lovely petals.

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were two side lamps with bright lightning from them which meant nothing but a spark to a new turn and also the light they shall find at every dark tunnel of their journey. Two fireworks were also visible at the extreme sides of the petals how beautiful?.

Above the ceiling were red balloons in two lines creating a sweet passage in the middle which in my opinion meant the part they will walk in together forever. The ballons had white ribbons carrying pieces of paper with sweet messages.

wish you saw this to plan yours better right? chill you will always have other events and if you’ve not done yours yet make sure to grab some ideas from this end.

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Let’s talk about the bath which is the least expected area Alla la!! The bathroom mirror had a beautiful message in bold writing “U ARE MINE” looking beneath it, you could see red petals beautifying and adding more flavor to the entire message.

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This was standing at the left-hand side of the mirror. You could see a good bottle of champagne in an aluminum bucket, a white looking tray with petals in it.

In the tray, you could find biscuits of different colors which made it colorful, a red rose, a bottle of olive fruits and two beautiful looking glasses for the to be bride and groom.

This was so catchy to the eyes and I tell you what? it just made the whole thing an amazing event. Just the decors will raise your expectations and that’s what I like most and now to my people “the event owners”.

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Gentlemen look at Noni, he looks happy, confident and convinced admiring that precious jewel he holds.

He isn’t trying to impress anyone but its a thing from the heart which is confirmed. He that “finds a wife finds a good thing” if you think it’s right then it’s your turn best wishes.

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Inside this room was a huge crowd waiting for the Mrs to be it was a shock and a surprise which she wasn’t expecting. Seeing her man on his knee with a lovely red rose in his hand amongst a huge crowd was a blow to her mind.

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If you were to be in her shoes, what will be your reaction? I will be on the floor haha…… but she was brave enough to support herself and pull through that cupboard and get to her man. I truly admired her courage.

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Isn’t this romantic? helping her stand into his heart made out of arts was actually a good sign to insist on her knowing that she actually occupies his heart. Also handing her that rose was so incredible. “YOU ARE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE”

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To the WILL YOU AND THE, YES I WILL it was really great the joy in her was so very much. traces of tears of joy were evident but definitely she has to forgive him for that it was for a good reason though.

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If you ever attended a recent wedding then you will know what you see on the pic is an ambiance spray to spice things up. you may now hold your bride to be tight enough haha……. and now, let’s step out this is always the case lets go have some more fun yay!!.

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Yay!! from the waiters’ outfit you can really tell it was a valentine’s something.

Now, this is the fun part. If you are from Cameroon, you know how we do it. Any event which doesn’t end in a snack or nightclub isn’t a good end for us.

We want to change the environment to somewhere we can dance almost all night, have some more drinks and catch fun without violating anyone’s privacy.

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Exactly what am talking about its all fun fun fun till its end.

Everything about this event was well planned and executed it all turns to be good when it starts well and ends well.

The blend of this event was the “yes I will” it’s so so sweet to finally end up with those you Love. Understand and share the same interest.



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