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Truth Behind Chacha Ike And Husband Pictures Shared On Her Instagram Page Today.

Chacha Ike’s Instagram page let to so much thought and confusion as fans got to realize pictures posted today of her and her husband. What is going on? Is she playing us or how?

It should be noted that recently, there’s been some tension in the air as Chacha shared a video saying she is finally done with her marriage and she can now live her life.

Now Chacha Ike has taken to her Instagram account to share amazing photos of herself and her husband. What is she up to? Is it her acting skill playing or she already miss leaving Austin?

On the day Chacha made the video telling the world it was over with her husband, rumor had it that, she was rushed to the hospital by an ambulance, which she later made a video of herself saying she had Bipolar Disorder. This caused quite a stair on the internet.

What do you think is actually going on with the beautiful and talented Chacha? Is she trying to confuse us or it’s her husband doing this?

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