Six Things A Baby Mama Shouldn’t DO.

Six Things A Baby Mama Shouldn’t DO.

Being a baby mama can be so tempting. There are times when challenges may show up which may turn to hurt your child or make your child feel like you the baby mama is being self centered. These are some of the Six Things A Baby Mama Shouldn’t DO when you are not with the baby daddy anymore.

  • Never make your child choose between the two men: It is usually very difficult to introduce another man into your child’s life but once this stage has been achieved, it now becomes tempting for you the baby mama to start making some moves to make your child get used to your man who isn’t the child’s father. Well, it is ok to make your child get use to your man but never make the mistake of wanting your child to choose between your baby daddy and your man. Your baby daddy will always be loved by his child it’s just natural and don’t try to change that.
  • Never give up your hustle: you are a baby mama and not a patient yes. It is usually very unnecessary for a baby mama to stop hustling because she now has a child. Even if the baby daddy accepts responsibility of looking after his child, it’s still no reason for you to stop your hustle. You can’t go about asking for everything your child needs from your baby daddy. Besides, even if he is taking care of you and your child, there is just that day you won’t be part of his responsibility anymore. Remember, with your hustle you can always stand in for yourself and your child.
  • Never neglect your child because of another man. I don’t know but it’s really funny when you see a baby mama choose her man over her child. Funny as it may sound, but the truth is most baby mama’s choose to neglect their child because one dude tells them to or starts complaining about attention and all that. I must tell you this, if a guy encourages you to neglect your own child then honestly he doesn’t have your interest because if he does, he will treat that child like his. He will get angry when you don’t give the right attention to your child.
  • Never talk dirty about your baby daddy to your child: You can’t be trying to raise a kid right and you talk dirty to the child about the child’s dad. You will find baby mama’s who tell their children some really bad things about their baby daddy’s with a motive only they can justify. No matter your motive, never you dare to disregard your baby daddy before his child it’s just so insensitive and it is a very bad training. A child may get traumatized by this and in the case where the child doesn’t understand all these, you may just make a child to have questions running in the head and before you notice your child is either doing bad at school or being emotionally challenged. A child will always get to the father at the end of the day don’t try to do something that will hurt you in the end.
  • Never have intimacy with your man in the presence of your child. Remember, this man isn’t your child’s dad. What is the idea you are putting into the child’s mind? You may not know but this child might grow up to have disregard for women or men just because of what he or she saw while growing up. Baby mama’s, I know at times you just want to make this man know how much you love him despite the fact you have a child with another man already but all I ask is you set those roles which works in your child’s interest. Your child is only going to be disrespected by this man if you give him the go ahead don’t let that happen.
  • Avoid the use of harsh words on your child: you will find some mothers use harsh words on their kids it’s not good at all. This is common with baby mama’s you find them using hash words on their child in times of stress and frustration. There’s this particular one ”you be some bad luck pikin”( you are a mistake) this is really bad you see this? It’s not just for the moment but will torment the child continuously than you can imagine. Please avoid this. Children are gifts and they need love and of course there is nobody without stress and hard times just learn to be strong and see your kid as your consolation and comforter.
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Being a baby mama is a good feeling just know what is right to do and what isn’t. Once you know the right steps to follow you are going to be the best baby mama to your kid ever.

These are my tips on the Six Things A Baby Mama Shouldn’t DO. What else do you think a baby mama should never do?

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