Show Yoh Picks On Mihney For Being Pregnant For Another.

Show Yoh Picks On Mihney For Being Pregnant For Another.

It’s been going magic and wonders in Cameroon music industry which has made the year quite interesting.

If you do not know about Cameroon’s famous artist with the big dog chains then you ain’t got a clue about this industry at all.

So this year has been a year of Celebrity Babies as you could witness our female celebrities get pregnant and put to birth.

It’s more like it’s not yet over as the alerts of pregnancy keeps popping up.

So Mihney is a few months pregnant and has been receiving congratulations from so many but it appears one person feels super hurt about her pregnancy.

A post of congratulations on Facebook went a long way to hurt Show Yoh as he expressed hurt and disappointment.

Check comment by Show Yoh;

You must also know it was a Rest In Peace English as replies followed under his comment.

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