relationship facts you should know

Relationship Facts You Should Know Before Marriage.

Relationship Facts You Should Know Before Marriage.

Marriage, which is also called matrimony or wedlock is a recognized union between two people, called spouses, that brings about rights and obligations between them, their children, and between them and their inlaws.

There’s so much to consider before heading into marriage because marriage is not just a bed of roses as it might seem. Hence, reasons to take these few points into consideration. Relationship Facts You Should Know Before Marriage.

1.Sense Of Self Security:

No one can give you a sense of security, only you can give yourself a real sense of security. Many believe in the saying that security only comes from a man but I tell you what? you need to bear in mind that self-security matters. If you do not feel personally secured in that relationship then will you in marriage?

2. Percivierance:

Marriage is more than the visual picture you see. Going into this means totally agreeing to make it through hot fire and sweet times. They are actually times you will feel like walking away but will you trade your home or relationship? You need to be totally tolerant and patient.

3. Team Work Is Necessary:

Most men think because they’re men they don’t have to help with house chores. Believe it or not, it becomes very tiring for one person to do every little thing in the house. Try working together so that you ease the stress on your lovely wife just give it a try and you will enjoy working together.

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4.Need For Qualitative Communication:

There’s a need for qualitative communication. It’s the way you communicate that determines the quality of your marriage. You can’t just stay back let things eat you up and you don’t open up. If you cant say the things you like and those you don’t then it’s not worth it. You need to have the free spirit to discuss and have perfect communication with each other.

fact you should know before marraige

5.Mutual Management And Maintenance:

Now, you don’t just get married and sit back hoping everything is just gonna work out without efforts. Both parties to the marriage have to properly manage their union so it can be smooth.
Marriage is not once and for all. It needs mutual management and maintenance.

6. Dispute Management:

There is no marriage without quarrel. Like in normal relationships, partners quarrel, families even quarrel and fight then what are you thinking? That your marriage will totally be that without quarrel? A happy marriage is not that with no conflict or quarrel at all, but that with quarrel which can be well looked into and managed properly. Know when it’s ok to stop the quarrel and always pay attention to your partner’s feelings while paying attention to every complaint and making sure to put things right.

7. Love Is Hidden In Details.

Do not think because he or she accepted to marry you it means love. Love can be seen in many ways. People who really love you must be quietly doing countless small things for you. Not the type who does things and spells it to the entire world. Love is when their shoulder becomes your comfort in your bad times. Love is humble, love forgives, love is kind, and patient. Love is a whole lot. If they can’t do the little things that matter or treat you right then it should ring a bell to you.

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8.A Good Marriage Needs The Partners To Grow Together:

Marriage is like climbing a mountain. When two people meet at the foot of the mountain, they make love sparks and make an appointment to climb the summit together. In the same light, you both are supposed to grow together that is what real union is.

9.There”s Need For Sacrifice:

Every relationship requires sacrifices. In absence of sacrifice in a relationship, there is no relationship neither is there love. No one is asking you to go extra miles to prove a point just the little sacrifices you make says a lot.

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