Reasons For Regina Daniel And Husband Instagram Unfollow.

Reasons For Regina Daniel And Husband Instagram Unfollow.

Regina Daniels born on October 10, 2000, is a Nigerian actress and film producer. She’s been acting since she was still a little girl and has gained so much experience in the Nollywood industry as far as acting is concerned.

Regina made the world talk when she got married to Nigerian billionaire Ned who happens to be older than her. Many had her name on their lips saying she got married to a man who is old enough to be her father. Regina baffled the world by flaunting pictures of her and her husband on several tours instead of hiding their outings.

Recently, Rumor had it that Chika Ike was on the line to being Regina Daniels co-wife hence 7th wife to Ned which brought about a scandal in the air. In addition, there was a video that featured on social media were Regina’s mum threatened to go spiritual if Chika Ike didn’t let go off her daughter’s husband which Regina’s mum later cleared the air by saying she knew nothing about the said video.

Reasons For Regina Daniel And Husband Instagram Unfollow.

fans discover that she and her billionaire his have recently unfollowed each

Now Regina’s name is still in the air as fans discover that she and her billionaire have recently unfollowed each other on the picture sharing social media corner “Instagram”.

Her fans are wondering what went on and why the couple who have proven an indisputable love worldwide would just suddenly decide to unfollow each other.

Below are some reasons her fans poured out;


Favourr__o: Regina is using you guys to catch cruise. she’s the one managing the both account.

Richybongoswife: When people realize they have not been talked about in a week, they pull stunts and pay people to announce those same idiotic stunts.

Kaleido69: E don happen. Meanwhile her mother is somewhere collecting chieftaincy title, abi she forgot to renew her “otomokpor”? I pity who no get internet today.

Datblackwoman: People want them to break up so bad! Why are so many people happy with other people’s misery? What will you gain or how will it add to you if they break up?

Could this be a strategy to get more attention? Because fans think Regina’s name has been out of scandal for a while.

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