Phyllis Thompson – Zambia And Regina Daniel Clash On Social Media Over Ned Nwoko

Phyllis Thompson – Zambia And Regina Daniel Clash On Social Media Over Ned Nwoko

Ned, no doubt has trend so much on the media these days so much so that one could think he is the richest and most recognized in the world.

Its no doubt that he is quite influential but the question is why is he the only polygamous rich Nigerian whose name has been on the media for some time now?

Ned however started getting known by the mass when he took the big move with famous Nigerian Nollywood actress Regina Daniels.

This got the media talking with so many trying to justify reasons why the young Nollywood actress wouldn’t have gotten involved in the relationship to the extern of accepting to be Ned’s sixth wife.

With this though, many said she was in the relationship because of his riches and wanted to exploit as many women will want to enjoy his financial influence.

Well, many said it would have been right if Regina could have his baby and it’s more like this advice didn’t go in vain as she announced her pregnancy months later.

Today, they celebrate the blessings of a handsome healthy son who looks much more like his lovely daddy.

Just when Regina was feeling like she is the most beautiful and most loved wife, another wife to be popped up and keeps the media talking.

Before, Philip’s trending messages on social media, it was rumored that Ned was going to get married to famous Nigerian actress Chika Ike which Regina’s mother made a battlefield between Chika Ike and herself.

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She even went ahead to threaten Chika with a viral video saying she will come spiritually after Chika if she doesn’t leave her daughter’s husband alone.

A few days back happened to be the Billionaires birthday and his wives took out time to wish their husband a happy birthday this was when his seventh wife to be was known by the mass.

The question now is, what will Regina Daniel and her mum do this time? If you are in Regina’s shoes what will you do?

Phyllis Thompson – Zambia And Regina Daniel Clash On Social Media Over Ned Nwoko

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