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My first breakup was like a knife was speared into my heart so badly that healing to me was an impossibility. I will sit back and cry every other night like my destiny depended on it. Oh! Was so painful that moving away from it wasn’t easy. I will deny eating, I lost focus in school which led to a big drop in my academics, it was just so much for me to deal with so I came up with these MY REVENGE TOOLS AFTER A BREAKUP.

These signs raised an alarm and my mum started asking questions and I couldn’t even mount courage to tell her about it because I was quite young and not expected to be in a relationship. I kept this to myself until boom! I got over it and went into another a year after but it was a matter of same story as time went on. Ah! Before I could say a word there came another heartbreak had to suffer the same story.

This went own for a couple of relationships I went into until I became a big girl who will absolutely cry and hurt after a breakup but will not just sit back and keep wishing things didn’t turn out they way they did.

Now all grown, I had to see breakups in a different way to me it became “a chapter to my relationship storybook” That’s how I considered every breakup. Below is what my REVENGE TOOLS AFTER A BREAKUP became:


I started by rebranding myself. Yes to me it was a top priority I gave myself the look that breaths self-confidence by dressing differently, also a change of hairstyle, the way I moved, and also the way I talked. It wasn’t easy and wasn’t a day job because I had to get new outfits that presented me differently which was costly to me. Change of hairdo was another budget ah! Changing the moves haha was challenging but can never say was as challenging as changing the way I used to talk.

I used to be a parrot who hardly listened but now I had to learn how to listen more and talk less yes it wasn’t easy but as the saying goes “when the will knock, there comes a possibility”. It took me time to put this together but luckily enough I was over it and it went a great way in helping me get over that breakup because I felt different. You should try this after a breakup and see how good you will feel about yourself and how envy your partner will be.

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Improving and educating myself more is another key tool in my moving own process I don’t know what you might love to learn about but its a very necessary and vital tool. After my last breakup I started using my internet connection rightly yes I will Google search so many articles and started learning new things which went a long way in improving myself.

I will reach out to articles like self-improvement, how to be a boss lady, how to manage time and just so many others. Oh! It was an awesome experience and I started putting others into practice and trust me it really felt good and hardly gave me time to think about that breakup which made my stress the lesser and easier to handle. Learning never stops so rather than sit back and get swallowed by heartbreak due to some relationship breakup I advise you to improve and educate yourself in any positive way.

It could be taking an online course, it could be watching educative content on YouTube, getting some educative books to read, or enrolling in a school for a course. Stop looking for ways to make him or her pay no it’s not just right it’s all about you. Take the challenge to improve and educate yourself and see how awesome you will feel about yourself and have little or no time to stress about the breakup.


Learn not to quickly rush into a new relationship because I see lots of persons rush into a new relationship with the aim of hurting or making the other partner jealous. I used to do this too but it’s not necessary because in the end you get hurt more and maybe you would actually get the other hurt but even if he or she was to come back they won’t because of this childish and hasty move. It’s right to give yourself some time to pick up again after every breakup.

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Its always necessary to sit down and do some self-appraisal find out what went wrong, what didn’t you do which you wished you did; what characteristics did your partner have, what do you wish they did which wasn’t done, how did you expect to be treated? Take them down and make sure to implement all this in your next relationship and make sure to find the characteristics you seek in your next relationship without this, the same mistakes will be made.


Have some fun hangouts became a routine for me. I will hang out with my friends and at times, my kid sister. We will go to snacks get some bottles, visit restaurants, at times visit nature take great pictures, and post on each event. This I know kills my partner because at this point he expects me to be at one corner isolated and drowning in sorrow. Have fun with loved ones and make your partner know you are happy despite it all. This makes your partner start thinking and asking if leaving you was right.

You can’t have two issues at the same time unless you want to kill yourself. You lose a partner then you want to lose happiness no way step out there catch some fun and bring that spark out of that cute person you are. We forget to know “life is but once and if you can’t choose how you want to live or make yourself happy, no one will” forget the breakup and live happier just maybe this will be a push for him to come back or leave him with some sort of regret. Better still it might push you to a better relationship in the future remember nobody likes a sad soul. 


Do not get tempted to message your partner or call do not even try to check their about or status because it makes them believe you are really missing them and they might just do certain things to make you feel super inferior and hurt. I used to get tempted I will pick up my phone to ask “so does this mean we can’t do anything to save us”? but then my pride will resist and let go.

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At times, I will try to view his status on social media whats apps precisely to find out what he is doing at the moment, his mood and all that but again my pride will deny. This was never easy at all but I just had to because I believe paying attention to what he was doing and all that could really make me hurt and make him feel like I really was still interested in him and missed him. Kindly fight against the anxiety and urge to text, call or check your partner’s about on social media it will hurt your partner once he or she notices you don’t do any of that because to anyone it will be you don’t care about them no more and it’s going to hurt them real bad.


How beautiful it is when they think they broke us but we rise to be something they regret not having? It will pain them if you are better than their partners tomorrow but if you turn to be what they expect from someone with a broken heart you will make them feel accomplished.

I have used these tools and they worked for me. You need to bear in mind that at times it’s not only the negative things you do to people that really hurt but the positive things that makes you feel happy and improved hurt them most because they don’t expect to see you happy about a bad moment or get over it easily. Anybody who tries to hurt you only has one motive which is to see you sad. Surprise and hurt them with these positive tools and see how much regrets and thoughts you leave in them. Always give yourself the best treat ever life is too short to leave unnecessary things to weigh you down. You are awesome and are a beautiful art of work keep the spark up and never let anyone deem your light.

What did you do as REVENGE TOOLS AFTER BREAKUP? I could include to my tools if I ever get to deal with a breakup again.



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