My life after I went after my neighbour's husband

My life after I went after my neighbour’s husband Part 1

My life after I went after my neighbour’s husband by Ngozi Lovelyn.


My life after I went after my neighbour’s husband.
My name is Amber and this is my story. You can call me anything, but she started it all. She kept parading herself as the most cherished wife among her mates.
No doubt, her husband loves and adores her, and the way she continues keeping her head up high kept giving me nightmares.
No man should love his wife to that extent. The love he showers on her was way too much and I was having it off my neck. They are not the only married couples living in that compound.
It’s a 3 story building, comprising of 6 flats, they live on the top floor.
She never stopped bragging about how she controls her husband, making him do whatever she asks of him.

Her last bragging was what broke my jealousy pot. She was telling her neighbour that her husband would never cheat on her, that she has him under her control. She bragged about so many things, so that caught me and I decided to cut her wings.
Her pride was getting too much and I wasn’t liking any of it.

I went inside and started devising a plan on how to go about it. And then, an interesting idea popped up.

I was never too close to her, so bumping in on her like that would appear suspicious.
So I had it under control. I went to her flat and knocked.
As soon as she opened the door, I burst into tears.
She was kind of confused.

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“Amber, why are you crying?” She asked in deep confusion.

I was the least person she expected to stand on the door of her flat, so I understood the level of confusion flooding her mind.

“Please Ma, I need your help.” I replied, still crying

“Amber, we are almost the same age, you can address me by my real name, Rose” she calmly requested.

“Ok…thank you. Rose, I need your help. I need someone to advise me, I’m losing it” I burst in deep tears

She became compassionate and asked me to come inside.

And that was it. She freely made her door wide open for the enemy to gain entrance.

“Amber, I am here to take over your home, your husband, so start getting ready because it’s happening soon. You’ve had enough of the good guy and now it’s my turn to take over” I boldly said in my heart, as I continued faking my tears.



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