My life after I went after my neighbour's husband

My life after I went after my neighbour’s husband – THE END

The End – My life after I went after my neighbour’s husband

As I opened the door, Rose quietly walked into my living room, having her phone on her hand, dialing a number.

I greeted her, but she didn’t respond, she was looking serious, still dialing a number. It never occurred to me she was dialing the same line I sent that message with. I never saw it coming.

To my total dismay, the phone rang. She caught me off guard.

She confronted her husband that morning and he told her everything.

“Amber, so it was your plan to ruin my marriage?” She asked, calmly

“Ruin your marriage, how? I don’t understand.”

“I couldn’t sleep last night. My head almost exploded because of the nonsense you stuffed it with. Who gave you the idea that you can destroy my marriage?”

I stood motionless, listening to her, pretending to be lost.

She continued “I’m still wondering how I believed the nonsense stories you cooked up. I hate myself forever doubting my precious husband.”

At that moment, I was confused, on why she still remained cool after knowing everything. The Rose I knew would have exploded, creating a huge scene for everybody to gather.

“Amber, you are a loser and will continue being a loser.”

“Rose, can you tell me what this is all about? You came to my house and start ranting. What is going on?” I asked, trying to see if there was something I could do to make it look like my phone ringing the same time she was calling the line was just a mere coincidence.


“Shut up Amber!” Her voice echoed
She continued “I called the same number that sent those lies to my husband’s phone and it rang, right in your flat”

She raised her phone and started dialing the number again.
I tried rushing inside to stop the phone from ringing the second time, I then, decided to let it be. She already knew everything, there was nothing I could do to save the situation.

And the phone rang the second time.
I then pinched myself for being careless.

She looked at me and shouted “Husband snatcher. Your God has exposed you today”

Just then, Rose’s true nature surfaced. I then thought it wise to push her out of my flat before she gathered everybody.

“Rose, time to leave….. Yes, I tried to play some jokes with your husband and so what? Leave my apartment”

But she wasn’t listening and continued calling the neighbours, asking them to rush to my flat.

I wasn’t liking what was happening, so I dragged her out of my flat and shut my door. But she never stopped.

“Amber, you will not escape this. Everybody will hear will hear about it” She said walking downstairs, reacting loudly, attracting the other tenants who were still at home that very morning.

It was a total show of shame. Her aggressive words pierced my heart.
Among all the things she said, the one that angered me the most was the part she told her fellow married woman to watch their husbands, that they might be in my cage.
That she was lucky her husband did not fell into my trap, that he wasn’t the type any woman can seduce.

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That incident added more feathers to her ego. She became more boastful.
My actions proved to everyone that her husband indeed, loves her and won’t cheat on her. My plans of cutting down her pride backfired….
I hated myself for proving her right.
Just then my main phone rang.

“So Diane, what’s up? Have you spoken with the scammer of a lady?”

“Your money is gone Amber and even if you decide to involve the police, what are you going to write as your claims? That you gave her the money to make a charm for you? That kind of thing doesn’t sound good, you know. I will come over to your place so we can draft another plan on how to successfully trap the man”

“Forget it, I’ve lost him” I said, disconnecting the call

She tried calling back, but I ignored her.

Rose was still downstairs, narrating my ordeal to any soul that cared to listen, both the living and the dead. I felt extremely ashamed.

“Well, I don’t have to continue feeling ashamed about it. I only went for what I liked, it’s not like I killed someone. I will get through this, surely, I will, it’s just a matter of time and they will stop talking about it. Life goes on” I consoled myself….

Not every man falls for anything in skirt. This story is dedicated to all men who love only their wives and have sworn to be faithful to them. May God continue giving them the grace to continue following the right path.



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