My life after I went after my neighbour's husband

My life after I went after my neighbour’s husband – Part 7

“Twice, I’ve been rejected. What is going on? Men are not so hard to get, why is Mathew becoming difficult?” I wondered, as I gazed upon the bracelet.
I rushed to my flat, put a call through Diane.

“Diane, I have been scammed. The charm did not work. As I’m talking to you now, Mathew’s palms are rising on my face”

“Really? His hands are rising on your face, like you are in his arms?”

“Nonsense…My cheek is swelling up with with his finger prints. The guy gave me a robust slap.”

“What happened? Didn’t you follow the lady’s instructions again?”

“I did everything, I didn’t miss anything out. Diane, I have been scammed. That woman duped me”

“Amber, calm down. I don’t know that woman to be a scammer. Trust me, you did not follow her instructions properly. There is no way that charm won’t work. Something went wrong somewhere”

“Do you think I’m a child? I heard everything she said and I did exactly as she instructed. Diane, that woman is fake and she must refund my money or she won’t like what will be coming after her”

“Woooooh! Amber, I don’t think you are taking this the right way. Don’t get on her nerves, please”

“Diane, I have one more plan to execute this night. I will call you back once I’m done. And better start calling that woman, warn her to return my money”
I disconnected the call, got my other phone and started typing a text

“Since breaking the marriage through Mathew is proving difficult, Rose will be doing the job for me.” I said to myself and then hit send

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The message said, “Baby, I warned you not to release inside me, but you did it anyway. If I get pregnant again, I’m not terminating it. No more abortions”

I knew Rose would be eager to search his phone that night, so sending that text was the best idea I thought would do the magic.

I went outside, kept a close ear to see if I could hear any noise from their flat, like argument or fight. 56 minutes later, I was still waiting, but no sound was heard.

“Noooo, this must work. Rose, pick that phone and read the message I sent. I sent the message to his two lines, there is no way you will miss seeing any of them. So I command you to read them now” I became desperate, commanding her in spirit.

About 11:41pm, I was still outside waiting, but nothing was heard from their flat. I went inside my room, disappointed.
Maybe Mathew intercepted the message, so I thought.

“But if he did, he would have called to inquire who sent the message and why it was sent to his phone.” I sighed and continued
“I’ve exhausted all the ideas I have. I don’t know how else to do this. Rose said she is going to confront him. I expected a loud argument from their flat, even if none, atleast a little. Maybe, she did not see the message. No reasonable woman will remain quiet after stumbling upon such shocking content. Maybe, I should resend it.” I was still deep in thought when my phone rang, the one I sent the message with.

I quickly checked, it was Rose’s line.
I picked a cloth, covered my mouth so that I don’t sound like myself.


“Who is this?” She asked

“What stupid question is that? You called me and you are asking who I am”

“I saw the message you sent to my husband. Let me tell you, you are making a fool out of yourself, if you like do 20 abortions for him, he is not going to marry you.”

“See this woman ooo. Am I fighting that with you? Just get ready to receive his second wife because, I’m sure I’m already pregnant for him.”

“We shall see about that and if you know what’s best for you, stay away from my husband or I will destroy you with prayers. I know the God I serve and he has never disappointed me. Stupid girl with no brain. Keep destroying your womb, idiot” she disconnected the call.

I was shocked at her utterances. My mind flashed to the main reason I even wanted to destroy their marriage. Her proud attitude. She has a loud mouth and always carries herself as if she owns the world.

She sounded different from the Rose I spoke with earlier that day.
My heart became so bitter. What gave her the impetus to talk to me that way.
I couldn’t sleep that night. Her last words never stopped ringing in my head.

“Rose, I don’t care how I do it, but one thing I know for sure is this, once I set out to do something, nothing is ever going to prevent that from happening” I became more determined than ever

Just then, I heard a knock on my door. I stepped out to see who it was.

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