My life after I went after my neighbour's husband

My life after I went after my neighbour’s husband – Part 6

After Rose left my flat, I became impatient. I wished for their marriage to end that very day.
I then, remembered the lady Diane told me earlier that make different kind of charms, including goodluck charms, promotion charms and rest of it, for people.
So I quickly put a call through Diane.

“Babe what’s up, how did it go?” Diane asked

“You did excellently well. I have managed to fix so many things into her brain. The poor woman is now seeing her husband as a rapist”

Diane burst into laughter and said “You are a baaad girl”

“You are the one teaching me” I replied as we laughed out together.

“Diane, I’m running out of patient. If I should have my way, their marriage will be hitting the rock this night.”

“So what’s your next plan?” She asked

“That lady you told me about, that makes charm for people, do you still have her contact?”

“Off course I do, you want to see her?”

“Yes, today. You think it’s going to be possible today?”

“Ok…let me ask her. I will get back to you”

“Ok, but are you sure her charms work?”

“She hasn’t prepared any for me, but people testify on her website that her charms work wonders. Let me call her now” she said, disconnecting the call.

All my mind centered on destroying everything Mathew and Rose shared together. The insult I felt that night he pushed me away continued heating my anger. I couldn’t control it.

5 minutes later, Diane called back.

“So what’s up?” I quickly asked

“She is in her house, we can meet her now. Her place is even close to mine” Diane said

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“Then, let me start coming already.”

“Amber, I think it’s wise you know her price, first” she cut in

“I don’t think there is any price I can’t handle. I’m ready to do anything. Absolutely anything to destroy that useless marriage”

“Amber, she said the price is 85k” she cut in

“You mean N85,000?”

“Yes” she replied

“Wow! That’s quite alot”

“Yes, it’s a fixed price. No negotiation and she only accept cash. Maybe, you can think about it. Spending such amount of money now is really not advisable. Things are hard”

“Diane, nothing would make me happier than seeing those two separated. My mind won’t be at peace. I’m coming to your house now. Just get ready” I said, ending the call.

3 hours later, we were at the lady’s place. She gave me a lipgloss and a bracelet. She said they are fortified, very powerful, and effective.
That once I’m alone with the man, that I should wear the bracelet, apply the lipgloss and then kiss him.
That once I succeed in doing that, he is going to want me forever. That I will be the only woman in his eyes. His wife will become nothing in his eyes and end up throwing her away. She assured me that, within one month, I’m going to be Mathew’s wife.

I was so happy. Her instructions were so simple. So I made my payment and we left.

I thanked my friend, Diane so massively and dashed her 4k. She proved she was my best friend.

When I got home, it was around 5:12pm. So I rushed to the bathroom, took my bath, sat in the veranda, waiting for when Mathew will return.
Time seemed to be running slow. I was so anxious. I was having the bracelet and the lipgloss close to me.


6:43pm, I was still waiting.
And Mr Mathew returned, I rushed the bracelet, applied the lipgloss, went to the staircase and waited for him to climb the stairs. As he reached the second floor, I blocked him and planted my lips on his. He pushed me away. As he was about shouting at me, he became silent and started kissing me back. I felt so happy.

“You are so beautiful” he said and continued kissing me and just then my phone fell off my hand. I jumped out of the chair and then realized I was dreaming, I slept off while waiting for him. I checked the time, it was 8pm.

“Oh no….no …no…” I rushed downstairs, to check if he was already at home. I became angry with myself for giving in to sleep.
I had everything under control. I don’t know how I slept off.

As I reached downstairs, I saw his car entering the compound.

I heaved a relief, remembered the dream I had, it felt so real. My faith became stronger. I dashed to the staircase, wore the bracelet, applied the lipgloss and waited for him.

Ladies and gentlemen, the type of slap I received that night was out of this world. I did everything as the lady instructed. I didn’t miss anything out.
As soon as I kissed him, he pushed me away, looked at me for seconds and gave me a thunderous slap

“Don’t repeat this nonsense again, I’m warning you” He warned, and continued his way.
I felt the seriousness in his eyes.

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