My life after I went after my neighbour's husband

My life after I went after my neighbour’s husband – Part 5

“Rose, listen, it’s not what you heard. I mean..”

She cut in “Amber, I heard everything. Why are you hiding it from me? My husband tried to rape you and you didn’t see it right to confide in me?” She asked as I sensed the disappointment on her face.

“Rose, listen, it may not be what you are thinking.”

“What does it look like I’m thinking? I can’t believe he would stoop so low.” She stood still, looking at a fixed direction as her eyes got teary.

She was reacting exactly the way I expected her to. So I continued acting all innocent.

“Rose, can you hear me out? Listen here. I have a question to ask.”

She slowly moved her head towards my direction as her teary eyes waited to hear what I had to say.

“You trust your husband and he has not given you any reason to suspect him, right?”

She slowly shook her head.

“Good. Atleast, you should ask me how it happened.”

“Amber, my husband tried to rape you, so what’s the essence of finding out how it happened? I now see the reason he warned me not to get close to you again. That he shouldn’t see us together or I won’t like the outcome. He was only preventing me from hearing this” She said looking sad, trying to step out of the room.

I then blocked her, pretending to be much concerned.

“Listen, your husband is not who you are thinking him to be right now. It was in the middle of the night, and maybe, he mistook me to you. Yes, that’s the best explanation for what happened.”

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“Amber, your explanation doesn’t hold water. And why are trying to exonerate him? He tried raping you, you should be mad”

“It could be a mistake. And I don’t want it to affect your marriage. What matters is that, he loves you and cares so much about you. Don’t allow this one mistake to destroy the beautiful union you two share together, Ok?”

Rose gave me a silent look.

And I continued “listen, nobody in the compound will hear about this, I promise. The reason I told my friend was because, I needed to lay it off my chest and besides, she is not living in the same state with us.”

Rose became emotional, listening to me.

“Can I use your bathroom?”

“Yes, sure”

She then made way for the restroom while I rushed back to the living room for her phone.

Rose was using two phones. A smart phone and one small Tecno phone. I went for the small one, because it’s not the type to be locking with codes.

So I searched through it for her husband’s number.
I went to her call logs, and saw about 3 numbers she saved with soul mate 1, 2 and 3.
I typed them out, kept the phone the way she left it. Smiled in my heart, waiting for her to come out.

After she returned from the restroom, she quietly sat on the chair, looking moody.
We maintained silence for some minutes.

I gazed at her, thinking of the best way to break the boredom. I remembered I had peanut in the fridge.

“You care for peanut?” I asked

She looked at me and said “I want to apologize on behalf of my husband. Thank God he didn’t succeed. No woman should experience such wickedness. I won’t keep quiet about this. I must confront him. He owes me some explanations on why he..”


“You will do no such thing” I cut in “Don’t confront him until you have proof.”

“What do you mean, proof?”

“Have you check his phone before? I mean, are you the type that love going through her husband’s phone?”

“To tell you the truth, I haven’t done that before, he hasn’t given me any reason to”

“Good, before you confront him, I would like you to go through his phones. That device holds all the answers you need. If it’s clean, trust me, your husband is still the saint you think him to be.” I said, watching her facial expressions closely

“And what if it’s not clean?” She asked, giving me a serious look.

“I just pray it’s going to be clean. I’m hopeful” I calmly replied.

“ngoXperiaTV should hire me for their next movie, I’m a very good actress.” I smiled in my heart, looking at her.
“Rose, your marriage will be hitting the rock tonight. Mr Mathew, you were wrong by rejecting me. No more peace for you.” I said silently, got more determined.



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