My life after I went after my neighbour's husband

My life after I went after my neighbour’s husband – Part 4

I never stopped burning in anger. I felt insulted and embarrassed. No man has ever rejected me like that.

“Who does he think he is? Mathew, it was so wrong of you to push me off. You will regret it, I promise you” my anger kept boiling.

Then my mind rocked on the wife.
“I am sure he will tell her what transpired this night, but I’m not bothered. I don’t think I’m even interested in having Mathew anymore. Since he can’t have me, he can’t be in peace with his wife either. One thing I’m weak in enduring is, rejection. I willingly offered my precious gift to him, something men pay heavily to have, yet, he treated me as if I was one horrible creature like that. No Mathew, you will regret this action you took this night. I swear.” I continued boiling in anger, thinking of the best way to destroy their marriage.

The next morning, about 8:45am. I heard a gentle knock on my door.
I then concluded that, Rose has come to taunt me on how I failed.

I feared what her next reaction will be. How she will share the story to every living soul who cared to listen.
I decided not to open for her, but one mind insisted I open it, atleast to hear the nonsense she will spew.

So I went for the door, but it wasn’t what I was expecting. She too was curious and eager to have all her confusions cleared.

“Amber, how are you this morning?” She asked, as I kept observing her face.

“I am good. You?”

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“Can I come in?” She asked, gently

“Yes sure. Come in” I replied, making way for her to enter.

So after she sat down, we maintained silence for some minutes.

“This is awkward. Me in your house and….”

She was saying something, but I wasn’t fully paying attention.
“She is so calm, does it mean he didn’t tell her anything? Mr Mathew, you will be making me a great favour if you hid our encounter from your wife. You just made my work easier.” I said in my heart and continued watching her body reaction and then got convinced that, she was oblivious of everything.

“Amber, can you hear me?”

“Yes dear, you were saying?”

“Um…..did something happen last night?” She asked, looking more serious, expecting a quick answer

“I don’t understand? Can you be specific?”

“Ok, after you left , my husband’s mood changed. She also warned me not to allow anybody enter our flat again, let alone, sleeping over without his permission. He was so angry. Till now, I’ve never wrapped my head on what could be his reason for such sudden mood change. He wasn’t against the idea of having you sleep over, so I wondered what made him change his mind?”

“To tell you the truth, I have no idea. I woke up, met him in the living room, and then requested he call you. And which he did, nothing more or are you suspecting something?

While we were discussing, I texted my friend, Diane, to call me. I also texted her what to say immediately she calls. I then increased the in-call volume.

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As Rose was still battling with her confusion, my phone rang. Immediately I answered, Diane began.

“Amber, what do you mean Mr Mathew tried to force himself on you”

I then looked at Rose, and immediately ended the call, acting all innocent.

Rose wasn’t so sure of what she heard.

“That was my friend, Diane. I was on call with her before you knocked on my door. And she can talk rubbish and…”

Diane’s call came in again and cut me in.

“Rose, I will be right back, I need to take this call, otherwise she won’t stop calling” I said, rushing inside

Rose was been too inquisitive, so I had no doubt she would eavesdrop to my conversation.
Immediately i went inside, I tapped the green button.

“Diane, I told you I will call you back. The man’s wife is here, in my flat. She is a nice person, I don’t want her to feel betrayed and heart broken.
What do you mean I should tell her? It’s not wise telling her that kind of thing and she won’t even believe me.
Besides, the man did not succeed in raping me, so I shouldn’t make a fuse about it. It’s behind me now. That woman is nice. I don’t want to create tensions in her marriage.
Diane, I will call you back, let me attend to her, please” I then ended the call.
As I turned, Rose was standing right in front of me and yes, she heard everything.



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