My life after I went after my neighbour's husband

My life after I went after my neighbour’s husband – Part 3

After Rose finished attending to her husband, she met me sleeping on their sofa. Yes, I was faking to be asleep.
She gently tapped me, but I pretended to be deep in sleep.

She then tapped me again. On the third tap, I slowly moved, pretending to be waking up.

“Sorry for waking you up. I’m wondering if you’ve had something?” She calmly asked

“Ow, sorry I slept off. Guess I should be going now” I ignored her question, stood up and then pretended to be falling over.

She held me and calmly requested I sleep in their visitors room.

“I’ve had enough of your kindness. I don’t want to stress you further.”

“No Amber, I insist.” She held me, calmly dragging me towards the visitor’s room.

I had no option than to comply. I was enjoying every bit of it.

When we got to the room, she set the bed for me.

“You can sleep now” she offered

So I moved towards the bed, laid down quietly, observing her face. I was circulating how her face will look like when my whole mission of coming to her house gets unveiled. I smiled in my heart.

About 12:30 a.m, I was still awake, figuring out how to go about my plan.

I managed to gain entrance to her house, I never knew that achieving my plans would become a bit difficult.

I was lost of ideas, because I can’t just enter their room and start seducing the husband.

“Amber calm down, don’t be in a rush. Have you forgotten that your first step is to gain the good side of the wife and make her your friend” an inner voice spoke.


But I shunned down the second voice that always acted as if she was my mother, advising me not to mess with Rose’s husband.

“Mr Mathew is just like every other man who has little brain when it comes to sss. Men are so cheap and can sleep with any woman that opens for them. Just like every other man, he also has his weak point, I only have to figure out his own weak point. Every man has a sidechick, so I will start from being his sidechick. I am very sessy, well curved, with pronounced back side. I’m good in making guys go gaga. So I’m confident Mr Mathew will fall for me” I said to myself, fuelling my courage.

So I decided to step out of the living room since everybody was asleep.
I couldn’t believe who my eyes saw, sleeping in the living room.
Mr Mathew. He slept off while working. The system was still open with some paper works and pen were placing on the table, while he laid on the sofa, facing up. It was a perfect position to have him that night.

Then, I got confused on whether to execute my plans or just continue building my friendship with Rose.

“No, I don’t have time for all that, when I can have him right now and ignite a relationship between us. This is a golden opportunity, I shouldn’t allow it slide” I concluded and then sneaked to the kitchen to see if Rose was there. The flat was quiet, so I guessed she too, was asleep.

I went back to the living room, stood watching Mathew while he slept.
I wet my pant while watching him. He looked so handsome. I got tempted to kiss his lips, but I decided not to give in, because kissing might sour my plans. Then, I decided to go for what no man would resist.
He was lying down, facing up. So I had every opportunity to achieve my goals that night.
I began calculating how to get to his pencil first before he wakes up. Lucky for me, his boxers was a bit borgous, getting to his pencil from under won’t be so difficult.

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Quietly, I succeeded. I reached it and started sucking it immediately. And the guy woke up.
I did it for like 3 times before he woke up. I never expected such robust reaction from him. Everyman enjoys having their pencils sucked, so why would his own be different?
He forcefully pushed me away, I nearly hit my head against the centre table.
My plan failed, so I quickly came up with another plan to cover up my mistake.

So I cut him in immediately because he called for his wife.

“Baby, why are you doing this to me? You’ve always loved me. Don’t leave me again Baby. I cried all because of you but thanks to Mr Mathew and his wife, they took care of me, now you are pushing me away” I begin looking dizzy as if I was sleep walking, but I don’t know whether he bought the lies or not. It was hard predicting his thoughts that night.

He didn’t even say a word. The next thing, he went inside and called Rose.

As they entered the living, Rose asked “My husband said you were about living?”

Mathew cut in “Yes, I just told you what she said, just see her off ok, I’m waiting for you in the room” he said, walking inside.

“Are you sure you want to return to your flat?” Rose asked

“Yes dear, I think I’m fine now, I don’t know how to repay your kindness, you really”

Mathew cut in from the room “Baby, I said you should see her off, I’m waiting for you in the room”

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“All men like sess and hardly resist it when a beautiful girl like me is willingly offering it to them, so why is he proving different or maybe, the environment wasn’t conducive? And Rose, is he going to tell her what happened? Oh no! I should have waited for a perfect opportunity” I was having so many things on my mind while Rose walked me to the door.

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Note – I guess we are mature enough to understand why I used pencil and sess



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