My life after I went after my neighbour's husband

My life after I went after my neighbour’s husband – Part 2

As we entered their room, she offered me a seat.

While still faking my tears, I began,
“Sorry that I’m disturbing you at this hour. Among all the women living in this compound, you are the only reasonable one I can confide in.”

“I can feel your pains Amber, don’t worry, everything will be alright. But you haven’t told me what’s making you so sad like this?”

“It’s my fiance” I replied, amidst tears

“You have a fiance?” She cut in

“Yes, but that’s in the past now. After everything I did for him, he had the mind to marry another woman?” I burst in deep tears

“Oh dear, so sorry… But what happened between you two, why did he change his mind?”

“He didn’t tell me anything. Nothing in particular. Sometime last month, I heard a rumour that he engaged another girl, so when I confronted him, he denied every bit of it. He made me believe I was the only girl for him.”

I observed Rose’s face and felt happy she was buying my story and also feeling sympathetic. So I continued,
“He wasted my time for nothing. Rose, I’m going to kill myself, I can’t bear this.”

“Sshh! You are not kilIing yourself because of a man, do you hear me?”

“But, it hurts a lot, I don’t think I can withstand the pains. My heart is crushed”

“Amber, look at me” she requested, holding my hands as I turned facing her

“You are going to get through this, do you hear me?” He consoled as I stylishly observed the interior decoration of their living room.
The husband is not only good looking, he has a high taste. He drives the most expensive car, he knows how to take care of his woman. Such perfect men are hard to come by. Then, my desire to have him continued burning high.
Rose was still trying to console me, to get my feelings under control.

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“He married another woman because he is not meant for you. Your right man, who is destined for you is on the way, trust me”

“Yes darling, and that man is your husband” I said in my heart, still continued faking my tears.

“Now, stop crying. Ok..”

“Alright, thanks so much. I will believe you by your words. I have to go now.” I said, standing up without waiting for her reply.

I then pretended to be falling over, holding my head as if it aches.

“Amber, are you ok? You are not looking good”

“I think the drug I took is taking effect.” I replied, stammering a bit

“Drug, what drug? Don’t tell me you overdosed yourself?”

“I took a sleeping pill so I can sleep off, because the pain was too much. But sleep was far fetched. So I came here. I guess my nerves are calm after hearing your kind words, that’s why I’m feeling sleepy now”

As she was about opening her mouth to speak, the door bell rang.

“My husband is back, let me get the door”

“Then, I should be going. Thanks Rose for”

“You are not going anywhere” she cut in and continued “Just look at you, you are not looking good. I think it’s best you sleep here tonight. I should take care of you”

“No, you don’t need to go all that stress. I will be”

And the bell cut me in

“I said you are staying” she quickly said and rushed out to open the door.

“Yes Rose, that’s exactly what I wanted and you are making it easier for me. Wow…This is more easier than I thought” I smiled in my heart.

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So I listened attentively towards the door, to hear how she welcome him and how he would respond to it. Just to be sure if he is the type of man I should be fighting for. Because some women are fond of making mouth, just to make other women feel jealous while their houses are on fire.

And what I discovered that night satisfied my soul. The man is love himself. No doubt, they are two love birds. I don’t know what made their love so strong like that.

“So how did my woman spent her day?” He asked holding her waist, kissing her neck while they worked into the living room.
Immediately he spot me, he got shocked.

“Sugar, you didn’t tell me you have a visitor?”

“She is our neighbour and not a visitor. She is in serious pains.”

So I stood up and greeted him in the most humble way, while I pretended to be feeling dizzy.

“Amber, please sit down. You are not looking good” she held me, making me sit back on the sofa.

With confusion all over his face, he asked “What’s wrong with her?”

“It’s a long story. Just come, I will explain after you’ve freshened up ok” she said so warmly, holding his arms while they entered inside.

“Oh my world. This guy is so sweet. Rose, what’s your secret? How did you do it? How did you trap him into marrying you? Seriously, to get this man, I must need a stronger plan. And the good thing is that, I’m already in their flat and about making Rose my friend, so having him is already becoming visible. I have faith and my faith has never disappointed me.

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