Who feels the same? I won’t lie to you January happens to be my birth month but I can tell you with passion that I hate this particular month due to the fact that it seems to always be triple December to me aw-shh! This particular month in past years, comes with some lasting difficulties and lots of people do go through so much stress getting to its end.

When December was at its end, I was so worried because I saw January at the corner ah! I said this endless month is here and though I was celebrating the new year I just kept wondering how the month was going to come to an end until boom!!!!! its end came.

I don’t know if you feel the same like I do because to me January 2020 has been the shortest and less tedious January I ever witnessed. Previous Januaries to me felt like hell on like this one all I had to do was wake, go about my daily routines and before I noticed it was dark already causing me not to meet up with my task at times. 


From the indications and introduction of this particular January 2020 it shows your year and mine is going to be awesome. You are going to be able to pull through other months just as you were able to pull through this one.

I personally can’t stop wondering what happened but the good thing is we are over you January see you next year. Welcome to the “Love Season” I wish you have the best of it. Its February make sure you spread the “Love” I will be waiting for mine from you right here.

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You ever witnessed a faster January than this? Tell me about it.


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