Mr Arrogant “Wax Dey” Pleads For Mercy As His Marriage Is Threatened

Mr Arrogant “Wax Dey” Pleads For Mercy As His Marriage Is Threatened

Cameroon’s talented Artist Wax Dey recently lost his baby mama who happened to be a South African to the cold hands of dead.

His tribute message to her on a post which contained her picture made media users go crazy almost causing him his marriage.

Wax Dey just returned from South Africa and found it necessary to plead for mercy as can be seen below.

I was recently in South Africa to pay my last repects to the mother of our son, a beautiful soul that I share a life journey with. I did not go there to impress anyone, I went there for her and to guide my son through that difficult moment.

I have never hidden from anyone that I am married. My son’s mom and I had moved on and we were seeing other people. When I wrote about her here, many people attacked me for writing about another woman other than my wife like that. They even attacked my wife and asked her to leave me. My wife had to leave social media because of the pressure and insults, yet she stood by me and supported me in the loss. Even if that meant we wouldnt spend our first Christmas together or even talk to each other on that day – because she fully understands and respects the role that my son and his mom play in my life.

I stand by everything I wrote about my son’s mother because it is true, she was every good thing I said she is, and more. But I also have responsibilities as a husband.

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We all grieve differently, and this has been the most difficult period for me in my life, and for many others. My sincere apologies if I have hurt anyone, no one is perfect. If we all look at our lives, we will see that we all make mistakes. But I will not speak ill of anyone, I can only accept my own shortcomings and try to be better and make things better for my courageous son, my lovely wife, and for the memory of my beloved departed and her family, whom I love and respect very much.

The rest of our story is a private matter and I request that you to respect that.

Mr Arrogant “Wax Dey” Pleads For Mercy As His Marriage Is Threatened

What have you to say about this? Is he worried about his career or marriage?

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