Motherhood Fear- Motherhood Challenge.

Motherhood Fear- Motherhood Challenge.

Motherhood sounds interesting but I bet you it’s sure scary as it has to do with a lot of change in one’s life. In some cases, many women have the challenge of Motherhood Fear- Motherhood Challenge.

Motherhood may leave you imagining to be called mum by some little cute creature someday but this could also come with so many questions and fears.

Who will tell me they haven’t feared being a mother at one point? Yes I thought as much. Motherhood is a beautiful imagination in it’s fantasy but getting into motherhood in reality comes with lots of fears and ideas running in mind.

They are days you are going to cry, others you will smile and most especially you are going to love like you never did before but the question is are you ready to let go your fear and embrace motherhood?

In cases where you are a career lady or a workaholic, the fear becomes extra. The how do I manage my job and being a mother becomes that drawback not letting you see the good side of being called mother.

I know being a mother has never been easy but if only you let go that fear in you, you will discover how beautiful it is to be a mother and keep to your career at same time.

Many mothers out there are being highly motivated by their kids to work. You know the feeling of not wanting to see your kids lack anything, feed poorly or dress in racks? It motivates and pushes you to work even harder than you did before.

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Now not being judgmental here, but what I am saying is, it only takes a woman full of fear and the lack of will to handle both career and children to avoid having kids all in the name of fear of forfeiting her job.

Another reason might be fear of having to share your partners love with a third party. This may sound strange but it is true. Most women start imagining how the love given them by their partners will be shared with the baby.

Some even fear their partners will pay all attention to their baby. Yes most women don’t want to share their partners affection, love and so own but I ask how can you get jealous of a baby you will carry for nine months in your own womb? A baby you are going to breastfeed and call yours? What is this called?

I see no reason why this is a problem. No matter what, your partner can’t forget to love you back because of your baby. Motherhood is sweet and if only you let that little creature come into the picture, you are going to enjoy your partner even more.

Thirdly, most women fear putting on extra weight once into motherhood. Relax dear if this is your fear there is nothing to worry about. They are diets plan you can follow to keep fit or even exercises can help you stay fit.

You see other women who are already into motherhood and still look like sixteen right? You are not an exception you can do it and even more better.

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There is no rule that says that motherhood deprives you of anything. You can still build that empire as a mother, you can stay fit and sexy as a mother and your partner won’t stop loving you because of motherhood. It’s so much fun having little creatures make you laugh, making noise and running around the house not forgetting giving you those little gist about their friends and events they witness.

Motherhood is scary but there is more fun to it as time goes on. Having your own child call you mum is an incredible feeling. Put your fears aside and embrace motherhood.

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