Mic Monsta Drops New Album Clinic Vibe

Mic Monsta Drops New Album Clinic Vibe

Mic Monsta Drops New Album Clinic Vibe

Mic Monsta is one of those Cameroon rap artists who didn’t have it happen that easy for them. He had to put in that energy which has brought about the right result even if he isn’t yet at that stage he wishes to be.

Molua Alous Mosima (born 6th February 1991) Better known by his stage name Mic Monsta he is a Cameroon Hip Hop Recording Artist. Born and raised in KTown Cameroon.

He started Rapping at the age of 16 in 2008. And by 2010 he started recording while still in high school. His first song on the tape was “I No Get Chorus” which went viral around K Town and the southwest region of Cameroon earning the young rapper some radio plays on local radio stations.

Today Mic Monsta has been making great moves and keeps bringing to his fans a full package that meets up with his fans’ expectations.

Mic Monsta Drops New Album Clinic Vibe

Mic Monsta has finally given a full Christmas package to his fans by dropping his new album titled “Clinic Vibes” which is available on Muzikol.

Watch- Random Thought alongside Lyrics and anticipate the vibe in the full package ” Clinic Vibe”

Watch Random Thought

Lyrics Random Thought;


Yea kwata Pikin!


If you know you down for the nigga let me hear u say yeah!

If you know you down wif the boi from day one let me hear you say yeah

Yeah! yeah !

If you down with the boi

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Let me hear u say yeah!



Verse 1

In my living room I’m thinking how to spread this gospel

Verse after verse I be telling them my story

The guy that wants it all, place order then bring the bill

Ya current mood di show say u still owe electric bill

So why u tryna match with the energy

I get G them for ma unit

50 men go die trying


Thèse  music is a drug

take ur medicine

See I’m Dr nice

I ain’t even put a price

I be repping for ma flag

But I comot Na foh  kwata

side way I comot before u spreed

you get for gather.

On this soul serching I don’t  even need a map

For say make I start di flow I don’t even need a tap

Gi mi  ma slice before u give me advice

I buy ma man ei case I no di even look the price

It’s a different kind of clothes check the family gene

Keep that clean money  even inside dirty jean

sun must ever shine, rain fall I no di stress

Never doing less

Boh Ma tire no fit less

I’m blessed

Put ma pic each time u  spell determination

Only look na mirror for more inspiration

Quote: Louis Farrakhan Sr

You can’t kill an idea whose time has come. You can kill the flesh and blood that represents that idea, but the idea lives as long as it lives in the hearts and minds of the people.

Verse 2

Crawl walk run and then we fly

The  boy don be na Star

I deserve bongalo for sky

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I do ma tin so many times

Hoping shit  go multiply

Na ever tears of joy if u see angel di cry

So just miss me with the stress I’m good

Time no dey for di mbut

I don di call

No man no pick

I just had to intrude

No one no gree give me the keys so I told them relax

Then bring down the whole building start di build from the scratch

From a country were we living but just trying to survive

E Dey like person get for die for see  your dreams them come alive

bring that money

Keep the hype

Step in the place

they know the vibe

We di broke skin

Chop lick mop

Drink all tin keep cup

You join we for the check sense

You must Dey for the link up

All ma men dem di linkup

Matango for ma tea cup

Tie them ontop mbanda if this nigga want smoke

And They don’t know !

Say man na

Don petit frère way before Don 4 kwat

I play that song for Jovi cuz ei inspired the journey

standley Enow is the man, I really vibe to hein père

2016 i start di make all man di fear

Enter Doul like na Johnny inside Kotto feel the BASS

Me and Dijay Karl di make some kinda magic no be jazz boh


I don Bolo like na mbambe

Just for feel ma sef



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