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Kumbo In Fear- Teachers Kidnapped Kumbo Bamenda Cameroon.

Kumbo In Fear-Teachers Kidnapped Kumbo Bamenda Cameroon.

Kumbo is in fear this morning as it is proved that education might not be welcome there.

Students begin to wonder if their future still matters as the educational systems in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon get worse.

A week back it was the Kumba massacre where lives were lost. Poor kids being killed with an only crime which was hunger for education.

This scared so many students though many still believe they have a chance to education.

Today 4th November 2020,report has it that, PSS Kumbo witness an attack students were sent home while 11 teachers were kidnapped to God knows where.

This must have been super scary for these students now the question is how will these kids ever feel comfortable to go freely to school knowing that you may go and not return.

Where are these students headed? What happens to the future they dream of having tomorrow?

Source: Equinox Tv

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