kiddways Alerts Erica- Erica Is Girlfriend Material Not Wifey

kiddways Alerts Erica- Erica Is Girlfriend Material Not Wifey

Those of you watched BBNaija Season5 know it all about Erica and Kiddwaya.

It’s no doubt that, these two brought fire in the house and still burning the air withLove vibes.

So Kiddwaya’s Dad too a picture indicating he was attending his friends child’s wedding.

So a fan of Kiddwaya replied saying you will attend your son’s own to Erica but it’s more like Kiddwaya didn’t go with this one.

Kiddwaya in his words ; “Aunty Calm Down”

This should sound as warning to Erica her hopes shouldn’t be too high because this dude ain’t taking this to the next level.

Erica hasn’t replied to this yet does it mean this hurt her to the point she had no energy to bark or she sees it as a big joke?

Hoping to bring the full gist in days ahead…..

Meanwhile, what will be your reaction in Erica’s shoe?

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