Kidd Waya: Reacts To Erica BBNaija Pregnancy Test Results

Kidd Waya: Reacts To Erica BBNaija Pregnancy Test Results

Kidd Waya: Reacts To Erica BBNaija Pregnancy Test Results

Quick reminder Big Brother.  BBNaija season 5 just came to an end and of course yes it was fun as there was always a new thing to look at.

The house had amazing characters with strong personalities. While in the house, lots of drama pop up, the share of romance, hate, fights, and lots of friendships were created.

You must have heard about Erica she cute fair skin looking lady who had a rude drama science.

Some said Erica had feelings for Laycon in the house which Erica denied totally and even went as calling him names.

Kidd Waya: Reacts To Erica BBNaija Pregnancy Test Results

Kidd Waya: Reacts To Erica BBNaija Pregnancy Test Results

Erica and Kidd Waya had a thing in the house which let to romance. The two were always glued together meaning they really enjoyed what they shared.

Report had it that Erica was rushed to the hospital after her disqualification from the house though her manager denied that a thing of the sort never happened.

The good thing is Erica admitted being on the wrong and accepted her disqualification as right in line with the article governing the Bbnaija reality tv show.

Erica recently sealed an endorsement deal with a hair brand Line in Nigeria. Now, could it be she is celebrating victory on two roads?

Though Erica’s manager still insists that she was not rushed to the hospital as a result of breaking down after her shameful disqualification at the BBNaija Lockdown – season 5 edition, some important sources close to her suggest there was a pregnancy test.

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Was there truly a pregnancy test? We think there have been one though we can affirm that based on the anonymity of our sources.

What if this rumor was actually true? What if the little romance in the Bbnaija house by Erica and Kidd Waya produced something bigger?

However, getting to the end of this is our goal but in the main time,

What if there is actually a pregnancy test and is presented to Kidd Waya do you think he will be happy about it or not? what really will be his reaction?.

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