In a world now where most things don’t seem to be going right, we will always find ourselves in situations where we didn’t see coming that will make us feel like giving up or totally breaking down. I’ve seen people finally get into depression due to emotional challenges of which depression isn’t even something anyone should ever want to welcome.

Again, its but normal for just any person to face some really tough times that can break you down or make you go super crazy but learning to handle your emotional challenges can make it way easier to get over them easily.


Have you ever known that staying calm rather than reacting immediately to the situation goes a long way to keep situations under control? Yes, it could do you a big deal by giving you time to put yourself together digest the news and look for possible solutions. I remember some years back when I was told by one of my twin mums that I had loosed the man I considered as dad since I was staying with him and one of my twin mums.

This man took the place of a dad in my life at the time. I was so shocked that from the day I heard of his death till the day of his burial, I had an issue with my voice due to lots of shouting and constant crying. On the day of his burial I couldn’t bear the pain, trauma, his absence and above all I couldn’t believe we were at the mortuary for his removal. I passed out in the course and when I woke I was denied permission to see him and the pain behind it was it was the last time I would ever see him again. To make it worse I didn’t even notice when he was buried Oh! I was young not knowing how to control myself, my actions let to me not being able to say proper fair well to the man who had played a very big role in my life and I still feel bad about it to date.


We must always learn to keep things and situations under control because if we don’t, no one will. keeping calm in every situation is very vital.


Take charge of your emotional challenges it’s not easy I know but we can always be superior over our emotions yes! I am hundred percent sure if I learned to do this then you can do it too and even more. Ha ha, I can’t forget when I discovered the guy I discussed marriage with at the time had a five-year affair with another girl and to blend it all, this said girl was pregnant for him but he kept it away from me. Aah!! I cried my lungs out for weeks besides what I had with him was just barely a year so, I knew where my position was already. I felt the soles of my feet on the hot ground it was so depressing that I loss concentration at work, couldn’t get myself together in short I was some dead living soul parading in human clothing.

Like they say “life is what it is” I said to myself of what need is it to hurt this bad while he is having a good time at his end and planning on receiving his kid? Hush, I took the bold step with the advice and aid of my twin mums and siblings and told myself life goes on and today I can say I am stronger than who I was some years back.

Be strong and don’t let things that aren’t even worth your value weigh you down. The more you prove weak to a situation, the more it’s going to make you feel really weak and before you notice your emotions are challenging you next is depression please always learn to be strong you are stronger than what you think.

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Changing your environment with some new air can make you really feel better about your emotional challenges. I am in Douala today if I face an emotional challenge that is keeping me restless, it will only be fair for me to move to Limbe or Yaounde so as to change environment, perhaps get distracted by a few new things. If you can even move to another country for a vacation or so it will still be a plus the most important thing is a change of environment.

Statistics has it that, most persons gave this method a try and were able to heal. Forget about the worries of making new friends and trying to get used to new environments if you don’t give it a try you won’t know how sweet its possibilities are. Your happiness and health are important than worrying about dealing with a new environment.


Trying new things you have never done. It might be going on a picnic with a couple of friends, going to the cinema to watch a movie, going for some sort of a game or maybe visit a park. You might have never known but getting involved into something interesting and fun with friends or family can go a long way to fight emotional challenges. I used to doubt the power of cinema until I visited one in Douala and gush it was so amazing how crowded the place was and also, the emotions that felt the cinema was a pull to come back for another movie. I left the cinema so very happy and promised myself that was a new venue for distraction and I was going to keep going for new movies.

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It’s so surprising how little things could create great impacts you might see these points to be minor or meaningless but trust me it’s going to do a great job when you give it the benefit of doubt. Take your curiosity and fight your emotional challenges you just might heal.


This one is something most of us know but do not take it seriously. Exercises can go a long way to bring you out of emotional challenges it’s not easy to decide to do exercises especially for non-sportive like me. No am serious here because I will be excited to do sports today and tomorrow it will be a talk of war but if you can give it a try it will go a long way to help you with your emotional challenges.

Exercise does help control emotions and makes you feel great. Maybe you could enroll into yoga classes, a regular sports center or get a coach not forgetting getting registered into a gym it will help by exercising your body and distracting you at the same time.

I hope these tips where helpful and will serve for the purpose it was intended. Please feel free to add more tips which I might have left out lots of people need these tips to fight their emotional challenges save someone today.


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