It’s really scary how societal scandals these days have become so prominent. It makes me feel like lots of persons out there wait for a given opportunity to scandalize and tarnish your image but then, in a world where almost everything is becoming normal, I believe we can’t start trying to stop the society from bringing up scandals or for blackmailing others.

I want to believe everyone has once been through a scandal no matter how small it might have been. I remember being in a small scandal when I was young it was a birthday scandal I really got angry so much so that I almost fought but again remembered I had no strength at the time and was going to get the beatings of my life if I dared to fight. Some time ago, scandals could hardly hit the world as it is today and that’s because back then things were still right and happenings were just for the moment since gadgets were not used for the purposes they are used today.

For instance, in the past, an accident couldn’t occur and not attended to by persons around immediately but today the case is different in an accident incident you find people trying to use their phones to take videos and spread on social media instead of saving the victim or victims first.

This is to say we must learn how to deal with the terrible things happening today among which scandal turns to be the most talked today.


These are some tips that could help us walk away from scandals easily without having to feel pulled back by these scandals.

  • I can only imagine how difficult it has become these days to deal with societal scandals but the thing is, if only we can learn not to try finding the bases or root of these scandals, it will go a long way to decrease the rate of pain and emotional breakdown. Take, for instance, you just found yourself in a scandal and you are trying so hard to know how it got to that point and where it originated from. I can never say it is the right way to get a solution to this because to me its a plus to your problem. Finding out the origin of your scandal will only hurt you more so it’s better you forget about knowing its origin and just be yourself.
  • In a society where once people notice a particular thing they do gets you angry or dis stabilize you, they take it upon themselves to always use that against you. If you find yourself in a scandal, I rather you pass over it like it was nothing without making it sound obvious that you are eaten up by the situation. See if you’ve never known they will always be those people in the society who aren’t happy about your growth and happiness don’t give them that opportunity to feel happy about your downfall learn to react to scandals like they meant nothing and see how fast they vanish away.
  • Try to come up with a project which is noticeable and helpful true people notice and alert others on scandals and will hardly notice the projects people are coming up with. To me, a solution to a societal scandal is to come up with a project and make it go viral through same means and see how much you get positive praises. Don’t ask me why? It’s simple it takes a lot for a person going through a difficult moment like scandal to sum up courage to do anything positive but I believe in you. Take the bold step and see how the scandal on its part dies.
  • When you are involved in a societal scandal kindly avoid reading comments on social media because the kind of stuff you will see is going to be a push to more emotional pain. Out of a hundred persons commenting the ugly side will be say ninety you don’t want to be pushed to replying comments and trying to protect yourself. Its never going to be a win for you. The best thing to do is to fight the temptation of being pushed to go on various social media to get people’s opinions about the scandal.
  • Take a break and try doing something different to distract yourself. It may just be the right time to take that trip you’ve always wished for and get the best of it. No one has ever solved any problem by just sitting at a single spot and get solutions. Always remember “you must do something to earn something”. Taking a break will help a long way by making you get distracted and presenting to you incredible opportunities and options to get away with any negativity in you.
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Societal scandals have made so many people lose their self-confidence and has also ruined lots of lives. what I still can’t understand is why people try so hard to bring down others’ self-confidence and a lot more which must have taken so much time and effort to be built. I can boldly say with the way things are going we are nowhere close to the end of these scandals which means we just have to be ready because we don’t even know when a societal scandal may hit up on us and may just make us feel like we have finally gotten to the end of our world.

The above points should be considered and well noted we never wish finding ourselves in frustrating situations but we might just get there unknowingly. Life has become something we can’t tell about whose hating on us or what the next minute is going to look like. The earlier we watch it the better. Let’s all get prepared so we don’t get stocked up if we ever find ourselves in a societal scandal.

To you, all going through one societal scandal or the other always remember its the way you treat a situation that makes others notice or forget it. Let’s be strong and apply the above tips you never can tell. You might be the one giving these tips to another who finds him or herself in this situation or a similar situation. Believe it or not, you are a champion and you can do this.

I hope you did pick out a few helpful tips from my ideas and hoping it makes you feel better.

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What do you think is better to be done in a societal scandal?


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