How Do You Let Your Children Know You Love Them?

How Do You Let Your Children Know You Love Them?

How Do You Let Your Children Know You Love Them?

How Do You Let Your Children Know You Love Them? Parenthood is a whole different turn and can get really confusing and challenging when it comes to handling and standing in for your kids while trying to make them feel loved. Getting this to the right balance involves satisfying the needs of each kid while making all of them feel loved not leaving out attending to work too.

There is no other satisfaction in parenthood than making your kids feel that attention and love. Helping your child feel loved and special apart from his siblings can mold his identity and set him up for a healthy sense of self-worth and self-esteem in the future. On the flip side, kids who don’t feel that special attachment with their parents may act out later in life, points out Laura Kauffman, Ph.D., a licensed child psychologist in Menlo Park, California. “These children are less likely to follow the rules of the household, and they are likely to vie for their parent’s attention in less positive ways, including picking fights with siblings or acting out at school,” she says.

Most at times, most parents get the whole concept of making a child feel loved wrong. Your money is not what makes your child feel loved. There is more to making your child feel loved than getting them all that they need or working restlessly to send them to an expensive school and all that. Most parents just contradict the entire concept which is why I will be taking you through this.

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How Do You Let Your Children Know You Love Them?

Be Attentive Towards Your Kids: Your kids have a lot going on and at times if you are not attentive you wouldn’t notice. You may think your child needs to get to a particular age to get attention or is above the age to get parental attention forget the age. Your child may be going through something and doesn’t just know how to face you to let you know but you as the parent have to be able to connect with your child and know when your child needs your attention.

Keep To Your Promises/Words: Parents are fun of just saying certain things at times just to flatter their kids because they know its what their kids want to hear. Most parents even just say it to get away with pressure from their kids which makes it difficult to keep to their words. As a parent, once you start failing to meet up with your words, your kids start judging it as lack of love on your part so always do your best to keep to your words as a parent it shows your kids you love them.

Show Affection: Being devoted and caring for your child rightly brings about that attachment which creates a great bond between you and your child. You need to make your child feel and believe you actually love him or her by sharing in their pain, sharing in their happiness. Tell your kids you love them, hold them tight so that they feel your warmth and feel that parental comfort. A child is never too big nor small to get your comfort.

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Create Meaningful Moments: Some of you just go about with a full focus on your job forgetting that your kids need you to make out time for them. Create moments to spend with your kids. It might be a game, stepping out for cycling, taking them to a park, watching a movie together, or just anything that involves you and your kids being together.

Correct Your Child With Love: Stop correcting your children with traits. Some of you fail to understand that correcting the child by telling them why something shouldn’t be done is different from telling the child you will seize rights of his or her benefits from you. Beating your kid can’t correct them either. Sit your children down explain to them about the consequences of their actions and try to follow up to make sure they actually understand your expectations.

Ask Questions From Your Kids: Try to connect with your kids by asking them questions to know what is going on with them in their individual lives. When you ask questions from your kids to know what’s with them, you get to correct certain things and also clear some doubtful and confusing thoughts from their minds. This makes your kids get to understand that you have their interest.

Taking these tips into consideration and actually practicing them will go a long way to make your children feel loved which will bring a huge bond between you and your kids.

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