Gce Results 2021 - Cameroon

Gce Results 2021 RELEASED – Cameroon

Gce Results 2021 – Cameroon



Cameroon’s educational system has its uniqueness when it comes to rating its citizens that is both pupils and students. In Cameroon, once you are done with the primary sector of education popularly known by many other countries as the elementary level, it is time for you to get into the secondary and high school level which is at this stage wherein candidates are being prepared to sit for the GCE session.

About the GCE Cameroon

The abbreviation GCE in full means Cameroon General Certificate of Education. This certificate is given at two levels of secondary education in Cameroon and serves two different purposes.

Gce Results 2021 – Cameroon

Gce Results 2021 - Cameroon

There are two levels at which the Cameroon General Certificate of education is given which are the Ordinary Level abbreviated “O” Level and the Advanced Level abbreviated “A’ Levels.

The Cameroon General Certificate of Education consists of the ordinary level which is obtained after five years of education in the secondary section and is usually abbreviated “O” Level.

At long last, the GCE Results 2021 are here. Click on the link above to download

What you should know about the GCE results 2021

At the ordinary level, it’s either you are being registered as an internal or an external candidate which means that as an internal student you have passed what is known as the school mock. It is given to test the knowledge of candidates and to know if they are ready to write under their school of origin if it is their center for the said exams. If a candidate fails the exams put in place to test their knowledge, that student will be considered an external candidate and will as a result write under a center other than his or her school of origin.

As such, the administration has a burden during that period consisting of the selection of students who are brilliant, hardworking and determined to uplift the banners of their school at the national level. This has as end result the rise in popularity of the school as it is well known that parents prefer schools with good annual records when choosing a learning milieu for their children.

The above exams to test the candidate’s knowledge before the Cameroon General Certificate of Education is not only meant for the Ordinary Level students but also is being given to the Advanced Level students. For the same purpose as at the ordinary level, the school mock is meant to ensure that students are prepared to successfully face the exams and also to place them under their various examination centers.

The Cameroon General Certificate of Education at the advanced Level is gotten after you’ve made the Ordinary Level and have had two years of education in the Second Cycle. Once you have passed these levels, you can now sit for the exams after which if it is a success, you will be a holder of the Advanced Level Certificate abbreviated “A” Level.

Subjects at the GCE O Level

At the Ordinary Level, a total of twenty-one subjects make up the list of courses which the exam is composed. Each candidate is permitted to sit for at least six papers or subjects and at most eleven. Generally, the eleventh subject is Religious Studies and can be written by Arts, Science and Commercial Form Five Students. The table below contains the names of all twenty-one subjects;

60530English Language
70535Literature in English
80540Food and Nutrition
100546Special Bilingual Education French
140562Citizenship Education
150565Human Biology
170575Additional Mathematics
190585Religious Studies
210595Computer Science

Three of the above listed are mandatory subjects which all candidates must register for; unless they have proof of a previous pass certificate in them. These subjects are; Mathematics, English and special bilingual training French. Initially not always appreciated by candidates, these mandatory subjects tend to play an important role both at the GCE advanced level and in the University.

Subjects at the GCE A Level

The Cameroon General Certificate of Education at the advanced Level is gotten after you’ve made the Ordinary Level and have had two years of education in the Second Cycle. Once you have passed these levels, you can now sit for the exams after which if it is a success, you will be a holder of the Advanced Level Certificate abbreviated “A” Level.

Twenty subjects in all make up the examination panel at this level. Candidates are permitted to sit in for at least 2 subjects and at most six. The following table comprises the list of authorized subjects at the GCE A Level examination;

50730English Language
60735Literature in English
70740Food Science and Nutrition
90746Special Bilingual Education French
130765Pure Mathematics With Mechanics
140770Pure Mathematics With Statistics
150775Further Mathematics
170785Religious Studies
190795Computer Science
200796Information and Communication Technology

The registration process

There is a lot to be done to get started for registration as a candidate. Generally, Candidates have to go with their examination fees, a clean and clear photocopy of their National Identity Card for external candidates, a clean and clear photocopy of their Birth Certificates, and also a clean and clear photocopy of their O/L Results Slip or an equivalent certificate for those wanting to write the Advanced Level. These documents will facilitate the registration process of candidates. Failure to meet up with the provision of the above requirements will lead to no registration.

It should be noted that the amount requested as registration fees varies based on a few elements as seen on the table below. These include; the number of papers or subjects to sit for as well as the inclusion or not of practicals for the examination. As would be naturally understood, the number of practicals greatly affect the fees to be paid. Generally, Science students and those of the technical department are levied the heaviest examination fees due to the practicals accompanying their subjects.

GCE LevelExamination registration feeFee per subjectFee per practicalG3 form franking fee

Aside from the provision of the above documents, entry fees are supposed to be paid by each candidate willing to write the Advanced Level or the Ordinary Level. For example, candidates are expected to pay for the registration fee, subject fee, optional subject practical fee, and also specialty practical fee for industrial candidates. If the above-mentioned fee is not paid by candidates they won’t be allowed to sit in for the exams.

These fees must be paid to the chief of center and you must obtain a computer printout receipt stamped and signed by the chief of center showing clearly the amount paid by the candidate and also issued your personal timetable for the exams.

Exceptional cases

In a case where a candidate is making entries for both the Ordinary Level and the Advanced Level, the candidate is expected to pay for both entries differently as both examinations require different registration and fee payment policies. The candidate will have to obtain two different forms to fill separately that is, one for the Ordinary Level and another for Advanced Level. However, candidates who adventure in to this terrain are likely to encounter some constrains regarding the examination schedule.

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A candidate sitting in for both the A and O level examinations could be caught up in a situation where two courses, one of each level, are programmed for the same hour on the same day. This usually is an uncomfortable event to deal with considering the fact that the entry of candidates in to the examination hall is prohibited after a pre-determined period of time after the paper has started. Despite the risk involved, some candidates dive in to this adventure for the one and only reason that it permits the obtainment of the two certificates in a single year.

What of compulsory subjects?

There is no excuse as to why a candidate won’t register compulsory subjects as a repeater or first-time candidate, you are expected by the General Certificate Of Education Board to register all compulsory subjects at the Ordinary Level and Advanced Level respectively. These compulsory subjects vary according to the department and the level of study. To name a few examples; at the ordinary level, science students must sit in for chemistry while those of the arts department are obliged to register for history and literature.

It is however important to know that some subjects which initially do not seem necessary at the ordinary level tend up to be a considerable barrier for further learning in high school and sometimes in the university. This is the case of mathematics at the ordinary level; unless haven obtained an O level in Mathematics, students will not be permitted to further studies at the university level under the department of economics. As unrealistic as it may sound, this subjects keep pulling back a few when they reach higher institutions and realize they have to return to secondary level to obtain Mathematics. In addition to this, GCE results at the ordinary level with a pass in English is a key to obtaining admission into anglophone state universities. So to say,GCE results 2021 – Cameroon will be a starting point for numerous further studies opportunities.

The respect of rules and regulations during the GCE

During the General Certificate of Education registration, it’s advised for students to uphold strict self-respect and stay obedient. This is strictly recommended as any student or candidate dismissed during the registration period shall lose their status as an internal candidate and are required to sign and collect their money from the chief of center and make another registration in an external center. So if you get dismissed during the registration make sure you get a refund of all paid fees and make payments for the examination in an external center as an external candidate. It probably is obvious that such a scenario should be avoided as much as possible for not only does it impose efforts to get a new center but also may lead to moral prejudice on the candidate.

As can be ascertained by those awaiting the GCE results 2021 – Cameroon, there is no age limit set aside for candidates who wish to sit in for the Ordinary Level or Advanced Level or for both. It all depends on the candidates and their capacity to take the examination.

When it comes to this particular exams, measures and regulations exist for candidates who have been banned in previous years from writing this examination due to examination malpractice or failure to meet with rules and regulations during the GCE examinations. The most common sanction is that such candidates will not be allowed to sit for this examination though in some cases where an appeal is made and is pending validation, an entry may be made. This entry is usually canceled in cases where the appeal wasn’t a success and the outcome is the cancellation of the candidate’s results. Though cases of this misadventure are rare, it does occur that a few who want to play smart during the examination session end up been the slayed sheep.

It’s but a compulsory law that all Advanced level candidates must register all the subjects that make up the specialty they have chosen and also they may select a few optional subjects and add to their compulsory subjects that make up their specialty. Baring this in mind, students at the ordinary level can register a minimum of 06 papers or subjects while those at the advanced level must be ready to sit in for at least 02 papers.

Candidates are not allowed to register in more than one examination center for the same examination session. Many may ask how but fail to understand that some candidates will like to try certain things just to see the outcome.

Candidate identification

During the registration process, usually, a serial number is given to the candidate which will later serve as the candidate number for the examination. This confidential detail is usually printed on a paper support alongside a copy of the candidate’s picture. This serves not only as a reminder of the candidate number but equally as an instrument of recognition during candidate controls at the entry of the examination hall.

Candidates writing should know that there is nothing like forwarding a candidates success to the next session. If you don’t make it with the number of papers considered as a pass result, the subjects the candidates succeed in will not be carried forward to the next examination session. It will rather be considered as an overall failure even if the subjects passed were obtained in excellent grades during the examination session. As such, a minimum of 02 papers are required for a pass to be declared at the GCE advanced level while 04 papers are required at the ordinary level. When read as in a newspaper, the results go from the best to the least with the most successful student having their name at the very first position under their examination center.

Publication of GCE results 2021 – Cameroon

Once the candidates have written and have been evaluated after a marking session by a particular set of teachers carefully picked by the GCE board which is in the South West Region of Cameroon, the result slips and certificates will be sent to the various chief of center. Generally, a period of one and a half month – two months is usually observed between the closure of the exam session and the publication of results. It should be noted that result slips and certificates that are not collected by the candidates within a period of six months will be sent back to the GCE Board. Though this is bound to occur, the most common and observed practice is the gathering of students on their respective school campus barely 24 hours after the release of the results.

The national TV and radio station in Cameroon known as the CRTV has over the years made it a habit to read on air the name of successful candidates according to their examination centers. This calls for patience on the part of candidates who are tuned to their radio posts and very often most prefer turning towards other means to obtain their results faster.

Normally, once a candidate collects his or her certificate or slip and discovers any error, he or she is called upon to channel a complaint. This complaint is addressed to the chief of center reasons being that, the GCE Board does not have any business getting into direct contact with a candidate and there is better traceability when the chief of center is involved. In general, result slips are available immediately at the time of the release of the results while the certificates can be obtained a few months after.

Candidates who fail to make the General Certificate of Examination (GCE) 2021, are allowed to retake the examination during the next session in an attempt to succeed. There is no limit to how many times a candidate can sit in for the examination so long as they have the will to do so. As such, if you do not emerge successful after the publication of the GCE results 2021 – Cameroon, we recommend you try again with greater determination. The ideal outcome is definitely your success, so we encourage you to work towards the achievement of your certificate.

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Cameroon’s educational system has its uniqueness when it comes to rating its citizens that is both pupils and students. In Cameroon, once you are done with the primary sector of education popularly known by many other countries as the elementary level, it is time for you to get into the secondary and high school level which is at this stage wherein candidates are being prepared to sit for the GCE session.

Gce Results 2021 – Cameroon

Creation of Registration and Accommodation Centers

The making of Registration and Accommodation Centers is the privilege of the Registrar. He works in close cooperation with the departmental Head (DRE/DRTS) and Examination Officers. The formation of new Examination places and Accommodation focuses begins with the gathering and preparing of the solicitations (application structures) from the intrigued schools. The staff of the Board is conveyed on the field to assess the designs and find out the condition of availability of the schools. A portion of the things to be investigated incorporate;

  • Area of Accommodation focus comparable to settlement and security
  • Number of safety officers accessible (worldly and perpetual)
  • Openness to applicants and authorities (read organization)
  • Convenience of competitors
  • Staff strength
  • Helpfulness (impact of adjoining exercises on assessment)
  • The similarity of protected to GCE Board principles and particulars.

Registration of Candidates

It is the contracting join between the GCE Board and the up-and-comers who plan to sit for any assessments coordinated by the Board (GCE General, GCE Technical; Ordinary and Advanced Levels, Baccalaureat Technique and related assessments in English, Foreign Examination – LCCL, IPED, and so forth) proof of this connection are the contracting archives gave to candidates by the Chiefs of Centres – singular Timetable is Receipts. There are likewise significant records which are given by the Board, to direct Chiefs of Center with the enlistment work out.

These are:

  • Strategy for Registration (A5)
  • Obligations of Chief of Center (A8)
  • Directions to Candidates (B/G/T1)
  • Up-and-comers Registration Form (B/G/T3)
  • Client Manual for E-enrollment.

Registration Centers


They are supported assortment focuses for enlistment charges,

  • An enlistment programming CD is given to the Chief of Registration Center at a Coordination meeting coordinated by the Board, including Board Staff, Liaison officials, and Chiefs of Centers. Enlistment methods are spelled out in these gatherings.
  • Preceding this, the Technical Service of the Board is called upon to mimic the enrollment programming program to deliver it easy to understand (in-house)

ii. During Registration

  • Up-and-comers are told to introduce themselves face to face before the enrollment official.
  • The Chief of Center is commanded to give Registration Receipt/Timetable to applicants the following enlistment.
  • All correspondences from competitors are directed through the Chief of Center to the Registrar of the Board.

iii. Post Registration: it includes, the gathering of enrollment materials at the GCE Board Head Office Buea, Bamenda Regional Office, and by contact officials.

  • Get together of enlistment materials at the Head Office.
  • Holding of preliminary gatherings by the Division of Examinations (DE) and Division of Technical Services (DTS) on the treatment of enrollment documents.
  • Arranging enrollment streak pens and prompt transmission to the Division of Technical Services for information catch.
  • Tranquil checks of the enlistment materials by secretariats laborers under the management of Board staff.
  • Transmission of draft competitors list (B/G/T2s) to the Division of Technical Service (DTS) for remedies to be affected.
  • Printing and dispatch of B/G/T2s to Registration Centers, for Candidates to check and affirm their entrances.


  • Streak pens could be stirred up with other enrollment materials hence delivering them hard to follow.
  • Deficient enrollment information saw in some blaze pens.
  • Clashing information on some enlistment archives.
  • Equal birth authentications with clashing data.
  • trouble in comparing some foreign qualifying records with our own, for those competitors wishing to cover for the GCE Advanced Level.
  • Sorts of Accommodation Centers: Practical and Writing Accommodation Centers.

Pragmatic Accommodation Centers

Subject to review by National and Regional Pedagogic Inspectors suggested by Inspector Coordinator of Science and embraced by the Board.

Writing accommodation Centers

  • Subject to review by Board Staff to discover security, openness and sufficient convenience offices and so on
  • May have more than ONE Registration Center (feeder focus)

Strategy and Examination Management

The Role of the Representative/Coordinator from the GCE Board

He/She will manage the lead of the assessment in the field. The Representatives/Coordinators accountable for space, the Regional Delegates of Secondary Education helped by the Divisional Delegates of Secondary Education will team up for the smooth direction of the Examinations inside their ward. Notwithstanding the abovementioned, they will each be in their region.

  • Direct the dispersion of inquiry papers and gathering of contents structure Accommodation Centers;
  • Guarantee the legitimate direction of the assessment;
  • Lead irregular checks of inquiry paper envelopes provided to any Accommodation Center with the view to deciding if provided question paper envelopes are flawless;
  • determine whether storerooms for question paper envelopes in the Centers under their charge are sufficient;
  • Circle back to the development of contents, guaranteeing that the right channels are regarded viz:

Convenience Center (R) Liaison Officer (R) Reception point (R) Marking Center.

Where fundamental, impact alterations of the arrangement of Superintendent and inform the Registrar of such changes. Such adjustments should be approved by a choice of the Registrar.

The Role of the Superintendent


He/She will be:

  • selected by the Registrar of the Cameroon GCE Board.
  • mindful to the Registrar for the legitimate organization of the assessment of the Accommodation Center.
  • aided his/her obligations by the Chief of Center, and Invigilators, in that dropping request of the pecking order.


The Superintendent, who is the immediate representative of the Registrar of the Cameroon GCE Board, will guarantee the appropriate leader of the assessment. In that limit, he/she will:

  • demand from the Chief of Center any challenges important for the smooth running of the assessment.
  • appropriately investigate the room (counting the roof) in which the inquiry paper envelopes and answer booklets are put away, and guarantee that the region is exceptionally secure (not permeable) for the wellbeing of the assessment materials.
  • report to the Registrar, by the quickest means conceivable, any occurrence required the prompt consideration of the Registrar.

Explicit DUTIES

Offices at Accommodation Center; On appearance, the Superintendent will make a report on the condition of offices accessible for the assessments in his/her Accommodation Center.

Electronic Albums of Candidates of Accommodation focuses: as a team with the Chief of Center solicitation for the electronic Albums of up-and-comers from feeder focuses and hold up them at the Accommodation Center.


The Superintendent will, as a team with the Chief of Center, coordinated a Pre-Examination meeting with every one of the authorities of the Accommodation Center (Chief of Center and Invigilators). He will guarantee that:

The Specific Regulation on the direction for the said year is perused completely.

The guidelines overseeing the assessments found in the current guidelines and prospectuses for General Education subjects, particularly area 2 identifying with assessment misbehavior are perused out too.

Participation for the Pre-Examination meeting ought to be set up and invigilating exercise, and in this way banned from taking an interest in GCE Board exercises.

This Specific regulation MUST be made accessible to invigilators by the Chief of Center for consultation consistently.


The Superintendent will along with the Chief of Center gather question paper bundles from the GCE Board, the Regional Officer, or Liaison Officer. They will go about as overseers of the Question paper bundles during their excursion to the Accommodation Center and during the whole time of the assessments. The two of them will likewise place the Questions in the safe and treat the keys as demonstrated underneath.



The Superintendent along with the Chief of Center will,

unlock and open the containers/packages containing question papers envelopes and the Consignment Note demonstrating the number of Envelopes and the possibility for each paper.

promptly report all instances of deficiencies, overflows, and stray envelopes to the GCE Board office Buea, the GCE Board Regional Office Bamenda, or the Liaison Office serving the Accommodation place.


The Superintendent will cooperate with the Chief of Center to orchestrate the envelopes containing question papers and Attendance Registers in the request in which the assessment will occur. the game plan ought to be to such an extent that Question paper envelopes starting things out on the schedule are put at the top and those for the last days at the base. MCQ Anser Sheets will show up as a component of the transfer of Question Papers. These will be put away independently.


The Superintendent will guarantee the protected stockpiling of Question paper envelopes and Scripts by the utilization of a protected with two locking frameworks (in-constructed and latch). the safe ought to be situated in a solid room. All the keys of the in-fabricated lock of the safe will be kept by the Chief of Center and all the keys of the latch should be kept by the Superintendent who will give the lock. Both the Superintendent and the Chief of the Center will be available at each occurrence when question paper envelopes are taken out from the safe. Legitimate consideration will be taken by twofold checking to guarantee that lone the right Questions for the day have been removed from any one time. Check the envelope cover name to be certain that the inquiry paper envelopes taken out are the right ones for that day and time. Where substitution questions are gotten from the Board, the Superintendent and the Chief of Center should take out the old inquiry paper envelopes from the protected before setting the new ones.

Exceptional Reports: The Superintendent will compose a Special Report utilizing the Special Report Form B/G/T13 any place fundamental.

Security: The Superintendent will work in a joint effort with components of the powers of peace and lawfulness present at the Center, and aid examinations, and solicitation ID of anyone professing to be a security specialist or commanded by the Board.

In a joint effort with the Chief of focus, he/she will guarantee that any fraud caught ought to be given over to the powers of peace and lawfulness (police or Gendarme or approved neighborhood security officials).

checking-in of Candidates: The Superintendent(s) will supervise the checking-in of applicants by the invigilators for every meeting (morning and evening) of the assessment, handle all instances of up-and-comers with suspicious characters and Individual Timetables and afterward make Special Reports utilizing Form B/G/T13 appropriately. Where the Superintendent utilizes his/her circumspection to permit a contender to sit for an assessment, he/she ought to educate the applicant that such acknowledgment doesn’t suggest acknowledgment by the Board.

Instances of Misconduct: The Superintendent will ensure that all instances of offense or inconsistency by the applicant (s), invigilator (s), or by up-and-comer (s) in the plot with invigilator (s) are accounted for utilizing the Special Report Form B/G/T13 in 2 duplicates. The Superintendent should guarantee that one duplicate of the report is encased with the contents (not stapled to the content) by the Invigilators at the hour of allocating that another duplicate (progressed duplicate) is made accessible for sure-fire dispatch to the Registrar. NB: The content with the Special Report ought not to be sent with the high-level duplicate to the Registrar, yet kept with the remainder of the contents.

Treatment of Pre-arranged Material: If the wrongdoing includes the presentation of notes, course readings, pre-arranged materials, and so forth, into the assessment lobby, the seized records ought to be forwarded alongside any remaining contents and the uncommon report structure B/G/T13.

The Candidate Identification Number: As well as the subject code and name ought to be demonstrated on the confiscated reports. See segment 2.7.6 of the General Regulations of the General Certificate of Education Examinations. It is suggested that the up-and-comer concedes the wrongdoing recorded as a hard copy.

Grave Misconduct: For the situation of grave unfortunate behavior concerning an Invigilator, the Superintendent, in consultation with the Chief of Center will encourage the Invigilator to pull out. Notwithstanding, he/she ought not regularly to do the same on account of grave offense by a competitor, since it is the privilege of the Examinations Executive Committee to articulate an approval. Outstanding conditions which may power such a stage ought to be treated in conference with the Chief of Center.

Exceptional Report on Scripts: The Superintendent will guarantee that the contents in every Examination Room/Hall are gathered and arranged according to the pattern in which they show up on the Attendance Register. Contents ought to be placed in envelopes, named and fixed before they are removed from the Examination Room/Hall.

The Role of the Chief of Center

Head of Centers of the GCE Board assessments, working in close collaboration with the Superintendent, has the responsibility to guarantee the legitimate leader of the assessments at their Accommodation Centers. likewise, the Chief of Center is accused of the overall discipline, security, and neatness of the Accommodation Center.

Explicit DUTIES

Protected and Strong Room: The Chief of Center will guarantee the accessibility of a protected or Strong Room of appropriate size and area for the legitimate stockpiling of inquiry paper bundles and scripts. the protected or solid room ought to have an in-assembled lock and offices for locking with latch (s). He should not stop for a second to alarm the Board in an unfriendly circumstance.

Gce Results 2021 – Cameroon

Challenges faced by students after release of the GCE Results

All those who have set foot into a university or an institution of higher education know that a question of choice can lead to frustration in the first undergraduate year. A student who obtained 5 papers at the A Level has 5 options for which to register at the University. In some cases, students already know in which domain they want to further their studies while most wait for their GCE results to make a decision. The choice however starts with the specific institution.

Gce Results 2021 – Cameroon

State Universities

There exist 8 state Universities in Cameroon which are the;

  • University of Yaounde I
  • University of Yaounde II
  • University of Douala
  • University of Buea
  • University of Ngaoundere
  • University of Maroua
  • University of Dschang and
  • University of Bamenda

The GCE board belongs to Anglo-Saxon education, so we will focus on the Anglophone state universities; the University of Buea (UB) and the University of Bamenda (UBa).

It should be noted that an ultimate condition must be fulfilled by all who desire to obtain admission into these two state universities. All potential students must be holders of a GCE O Level in the English language.

A few years back, students had to visit the university offices to obtain admission relative information. This is no longer the case since the introduction of online services and information on the official web sites of these universities.  Once the choice of the major course is made, all information can be obtained from the web page designated to the specific department. Generally, an online registration form will be filled and sent to the department after which a payment slip for the registration fee can be obtained. Unlike in secondary schools, students at the university are expected to wait for approval and information from their university to pay their tuition fees. This fee amounts to 50,000 FCFA in all state universities and can be paid in two installments. This amount holds only for academic courses and varies when professional degrees are concerned.

Gce Results 2021 – Cameroon

The number of courses in the university is specific to each department though the average number is 12 per semester for first-year students. Each semester unfolds with Course Assessments (CA) and ends with an examination. A minimum score of at least half the total score is required for a pass to be registered in each course. Failure to obtain this automatically calls for a re-sit of the said course. The safest way to go through the graduate level is to successfully make it in all courses at their specific levels. After three years of studies, a Bachelor’s degree is the reward for all who obtained the total number of credits in their department.


Gce Results 2021 – Cameroon

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