Five Agencies For A Good Trip From Douala To Yaoundé

A change of environment is always ideal for everyone. Be it for vacation, permanent environment change, business or pleasure trip.

My agencies pick for a trip from Douala to Yaounde will be.

  • Finex Agency: This agency is my number one pick it’s an agency with well cared buses, good service and a good team. Finex is located at Akwa Douche just immediately after Douche market.
  • Touristique Expess: This is my second pick for a smooth trip from Douala to Yaounde.It’s located at Akwa Douche.
  • General Express: You won’t be making an error choosing General express for a trip from Douala to Yaounde. They have good drivers and render great services too.
  • Musango Express: Is another great pick and is located at Bonabéri Douala. It’s an easy pick for those individuals based in Bonabéri. It’s easily accessible and also renders good services with keen drivers.
  • Buca Voyages: This is another great pick for a smooth trip from Douala to Yaounde.

A good and smooth trip to me is one which is in the comfort of the passengers and to me, the above five will bring you comfort making your trip smoother and easier to deal with.

These are my picks tell me about yours.

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