download u di worry Renzy Sky

download u di worry Renzy Sky

download u di worry Renzy Sky

Cameroon has been mocked before now for always trying to copy the Nigerian man in all aspects with music not being an exception.

Many have tried in the music industry here in Cameroon and had to give up due to lack of fund and promoters why not the lack of the gift of entertainment.

its no doubt that years back Cameroonians failed to promote their own what they did best was appreciate others and damn their home artist which went a long way to make Cameroon upcoming artist feel like it was a waste of time.

Music career in Cameroon has been a hard drive for aspiring artists and even those in the game go through some ups and down to get their career to the level it is.

Cameroon has improved in so many ways as you can find a Cameroonian promoting and appreciating what is done from home.

Unlike before when, you will go to snacks, bars, and nightclubs and hardly get a single Cameroon track as the DJ prefers to play that which is trending which of course isn’t from home.

Today, you feel proud as a Cameroonian artist as you might fall on your track in an entertainment spot.

It’s in this light that you find more upcoming artist and already existing artist in Cameroon fell motivated to work and showcase their talents.

This season has been marked with awesome releases in the music entertainment with Cameroon artist giving us a great dose of outstanding tracks.

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download u di worry Renzy Sky

Renzy Sky gained a great fan base when he released his first single “Je Je”.

The Afro Pop sensation Renzy Sky after thrilling fans with his first official single titled “Je Je” closes the year 2020 with another smashing single titled “U Di Worry” produced by Inadeplace and directed by Unku Nobs. 

Watch: U di worry

download u di worry Renzy Sky


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