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Ever had an awesome cake, rich in every bit that makes it whole? Wetik pastries got you covered on this.

Wetik pastries is owned by a young energetic South west based hardworking lady who happens to be in love with pastry baking. She is ready, creative and always willing to deliver super great results.

With Wetik Pastries, you don’t order a heart and receive a circle if you know what I mean. She gives you as you request and even more.

What do you say about what you see? I got you right there salivating already.

It’s great taste, it’s quality the way it’s presented would make you hunger for more. Wetik Pastries does it’s best to make sure it’s product is worth talking about.

Wetik pastries does delivery for the main time at locations such as Buea, mutengene, Fako, Kumba, Limbe, Littoral and Central Cameroon.

For your orders, all you need to do is contact the CEO of Wetik Pastries MaryAnne on IG “wetik_pastries”, on Facebook “wetik pastries” and through call or WhatsApp 672-08-67-24..

With Wetik Pastries, you are sure of timely delivery and satisfaction. If you doubt me place an order and thank me later.

Wetik Pastries also renders services such as occasional decorations except weddings, sweet pies, peanut and home made yoghurt.

Tell me what you think about what you see. Isn’t it just super fabulous? I love pastries, pies especially. What do you like more when it comes to pastries?

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