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Delicious Grilled Pork

How many of you have been craving for grilled pork but just didn’t know where to find that delicious grilled pork with the right seasoning?

I am here to tell you about my favorite grilled pork spot which happens to be Really close to my home. Well, it’s my favorite for now but since I happen to be a food lover, I might just discover another delicious grilled pork spot and not to worry you will be the first to know once I do.

Now, I know pork can either be stewed, fried or even boiled with good seasoning and may just turn out great but I personally will always go in for the grilled one instead.

I really just believe grilled pork is better since it’s been dried by grilling no extra fat such as oil is added rather a greater part of fat is being reduced.

My favorite delicious grilled pork spot happens to be at ”Top Rank Plaza Bonaberi”. It is located in Douala Cameroon, at Bonaberi precisely that is the entrance before Afrique Gas entrance Bonaberi. Note should be taken that, Top Rank Plaza Bonaberi is on the same side with Afrique Gas.

Grilled pork at Top Rank Plaza is just so delicious and you can have it with any compliment of your choice.

A delicious plate of grilled pork at Top Rank Plaza ranges from two thousand francs cfa. Top Rank Plaza is operational from Monday’s to Sunday’s and has a good team of energetic service.

You can drop there for your delicious grilled pork anytime from 1pm Cameroon time.

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I hope this article was helpful. This is my delicious grilled pork spot. Tell me about yours

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