Davido embarrassed entry

Davido Embarrassed-Vows To BUY Bloombar

Davido Embarrassed-Vows To BUY Bloombar

Davido is a Nigerian artist from Nigeria who has made his place in the music industry and no doubt has fans who are willing to back him, stand in for him and support him through pushing his kinds of music with the entire world.

Davido started working on his debut studio album Omo Baba Olowo in 2011 and The album won Best R&B/Pop Album and received a nomination for Album of the Year at The Headies 2013. It was also nominated for Best Album of the Year at the 2013 Nigeria Entertainment Awards. From that point, he started selling.

When it comes to his interactions with his fans, Davido does a good job even at the level of clearing the doubts of his fans via his tweets.

Davido thought it right to go on a trip with his crew. It’s in this light that Davido arrived in Ghana last weekend with all his DMW crew to work and also have some fun since work without play could be damn boring and tiring.

Davido Embarrassed-Vows To BUY Bloombar

Davido Embarrased-Vows To BUY Bloombar

So Davido decided to go hang out with his crew at a night club called ” Bloombar”. Bloombar happens to be one of the most popular clubs in the country (Ghana) and that was were the singer decided to go have some fun with his entire crew.

Reports have it that, Davido got really pissed as they got there and part of his crew was denied entry by the security. Davido, therefore, has promised that he will and he must buy the said club.

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Davido says he can’t be embarrassed like that and that he can buy Bloombar 10 times with ease. The question is what went wrong? why will the security at Bloombar deny to accord some respect to the famous Nigerian artist? does it mean one can only be respected in his or her country of origin?

Do you think it was right to have embarrassed Davido to this extend?

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