Daughters And Mother In-laws

When you hear of this relationship in particular what comes to mind? Why do most mother in-laws never agree with their daughter in-laws?

While you hear of some daughter in-laws appreciating and wanting their mother in-laws around more often, you hear of others getting sick once their mother in-laws are coming around or not wanting them in their house at all.

Most at times you will hear most mother in-laws deny to agree with their daughter in-law simply because she is from an average family or because her son’s ex was her pick and so on.

What bits me most time is how a woman will treat another woman like she was nothing of value just because she doesn’t like her.

The question to mother in-laws is, what would you have done if your mother in-law denied having you as a daughter in-law or put you through the same stress and torment you are putting another’s daughter through?

If I am thinking straight, every mother wants the happiness of their child. So tell me dear mother in-law don’t you sincerely want your son’s happiness? I guess you do. So why then do you go about hating on his pick and creating unnecessary tension?

Now, if you love your son as you say you do, why then allow that devilish mother in-law hell of a superiority power take over your reasoning abilities?

Every mother dreams to see their kids married and have grand kids from them. Why don’t you just be happy that your son has picked that which makes him happy and just support them? Are you the devil working against your own son?

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Mother in-laws, let your kids make that pick that completes them. There is no joy like living forever after with that person who brings you joy, peace, shares your vision, pain and happiness.

I know most at times some mother in-laws do deny to agree with their daughter in-laws due to fear of the fact that their son won’t give them that attention they used to give them before but my question is do you think another lady can ever replace her husbands mother? “Mother is Gold and so shall it remain forever” relax no one is taking your place you shall forever be his mother.

Treat your daughter in-laws right dear mother in-laws. Be their friend, bond with them, see them as your own children and you will realize that it’s all very easy to have the best daughter in-law in the whole world.

To those daughter in-laws always trying to act superior over their mother in-laws I am here to tell you that what you are doing is totally wrong. She is supposed to be your mother, the first person you run to if necessary when her son goes out of track, the person who is suppose to caution you on how to handle your home and make her son happy she is always going to know her son better than you bitter truth but reality.

Your mother in-law will forever remains your husband’s mum you can never replace her. Take your position, maintain it and don’t try to get your husband’s mother out of the picture that will just be getting you into more trouble.

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I am saying this because some daughter in-laws just think because I am now married to him means I have control. No maintain your space this way you will never cross paths with your mother in-law. This woman who happens to be your mother in-law is the reason you have your husband she cared for him till growth stage why then deny her of her position?

If your mother in-law is troublesome all I can say is talk to her in a nice way. Never get a message to her through her son, avoid reporting her to her son meet her talk to her like mother and daughter but if she isn’t ready for the betterment of you both turn to the Lord in prayers and experience miracle.

Mother in-laws I know sometimes most of you can be really unbearable but I beg you try as much as you can to tolerate your daughter in-laws and draw them near. They’re your kids too treat them as such and make them feel free expressing themselves and staying open to you. It could be your daughter in another man’s house you know.

Daughter and mother in-laws please just let peace take its place and you will understand that this is one of the best relationship ever.

What is your say on daughter and mother in-laws ?

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