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Daily lotto results

Daily Lotto results in South Africa give each citizen the opportunity to be a lucky winner every single day of the year. It is the only lottery game to be played nationwide every day of the week with a guarantee to give away a jackpot at every draw. On this page, we’ll be giving you some valuable info about daily lotto results; how to play, and when to expect the results.

Daily Lotto results

What you need to know

A lottery is a type of gambling that comprises the random drawing of numbers aimed at winning a prize. In some countries, the state outlaws lotteries, while elsewhere, others welcome it to the extent of regularly organizing a national lottery or state lottery. However, it is normal to find some degree of rules dictated by governments for the practice of lottery. The most popular of these regulations is that which prohibits its sale to minors, and all sellers must have a valid license to sell lottery tickets.

Although lotteries have a long history in countries like the United States since the 19th century, most forms of gambling were illegal by the beginning of the 20th century. These included lotteries and sweepstakes, this changed in the 1960s after the Second World War. This was promoted by the reintroduction of casinos and lotteries across the globe as a medium for states to raise revenue while maintaining tax rates.

Various forms of lotteries exist; for instance, the prize played for could be a service, a good, or a fixed sum of money. In this lottery format, the vendor is more comfortable when many tickets are sold. This is so because in general, the prize to be given is a percentage of the receipts. Another common form of this is the “50–50” draw: here, the organizer promises that the prize reward will be 50% of the total revenue. In addition to these formats, it should be recalled that there is always a probability for multiple winners when the daily lotto results are pronounced. 


How does lotto work?

Let’s precise a point before going further, a huge difference exists between lotto and the purchasing of a lotto ticket into the official draw. While in both cases the selection of a set of numbers is involved, the bodies in charge are different. A lotto official draw could be under the government while lotto betting is controlled by an independent company. As such any money earned in the latter is paid by the independent company and not by the official lottery operator.

In South Africa, the daily Lotto draws take place at 9:00 pm every evening and tickets can be purchased till 08:30 pm. Payment can be done online (preferable) or in-store at a cost of R3 per entry. 

To retain your ticket till the results are made public, it is advisable to write your info on the back of your ticket in case you are a lucky winner. In the absence of any details on the ticket, you could lose to someone if your ticket gets lost.

For details on this game, visit the How to Play page to know more about the various ways to play the lotto game. Equally, on the page, you will find which banks and websites work with the daily lotto.

Daily Lotto Prizes and Odds of Winning

In every draw, the daily lotto brings forth prizes worth hundreds of thousands of rand. Anyone can hit the jackpot if the numbers displayed match all five of their chosen numbers. Those who do not get the exact combination could however win an interesting prize by matching less than 5 numbers. The daily lotto results have been announced since 09:05 pm and can be consulted here. You are probably among the lucky winners, otherwise try again tomorrow.


The outcome for huge lotto winners

According to a study by the National Bureau of Economic Research, people in Sweden who win large sums of money from the lotto tend to keep their wealth over an average period of 10 years. In addition, they often retain their jobs though they take more vacation: they manage their new wealth such that their happiness and mental health are positively ameliorated. 

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