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You have been wondering why most married men choose to cheat on their wives, haven’t you? this is why I bring to you CHEATING-10 REASONS WHY MARRIED MEN CHEAT.

I used to ask myself the same question before I got to discover a few things. Statistics have it that, most married men are chased out there by their own very wives. Not saying it is an excuse for any married man to have extramarital affairs but am saying most women cause this.

I just want you to be honest with yourself and try to adjust where you have failed rather than sit and complain every other day.

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1. Can you tell me or remind yourself of the person your husband was in love with years back?

Well, when he met you, you were a classic and sweet beautiful lady who knew how to put herself in check. The way she dressed, her physical appearance, and all that was wow!

Not blaming you for having kids. We all know this thing called marriage most especially in Africa is only considered a good one once kids blend in but I don’t see any force stopping you from staying fit.

Putting to birth doesn’t mean accepting all those physical changes that come alongside which not every man accepts.

What happened to sports? Being on a diet? Fat control is all you need. Stop eating like someone who doesn’t have hopes of seeing the next day already.

Those girls out there make sure they stay in shape and that goes a long way to attract your husbands since most of you have decided to change from being fit to something unexplainable.

we are all humans and all have taste for good things, these men aren’t exceptional. They need those women they can freely party with and bring amongst co-workers.

The kind of woman they present and are envied by friends: Yeah that is what they need but they won’t tell you because most men believe it will make you feel uncomfortable. Since they don’t feel good telling you about it, I am helping you out now so make sure you start keeping fit. YOUR MARRIAGE IS WORTH KEEPING!

2. Now keeping your body clean, appealing and calling is what most married women have abandoned.

I want to believe that before marriage, you sure did know how to keep that skin glowing. whats going on now that you don’t maintain all that and keep yourself admirable?

You have this thing of “am now married to him he is already mine”, YES you are but what makes you think marriage will hold him down if you do not do the little things you need do to hold him down?

How can you get married and forget that skin routine you used to be so thoughtful of? What does it give looking totally different from what you used to be when he decided to see you as a life partner? What do you expect his reaction to be when he sees a fine, clean-looking skin?

I got you there, I see no harm in you staying just as beautiful as you were at the beginning of your relationship with this same man. It’s about you staying beautiful after marriage that makes it envied by the society.

Okay, I know things ain’t easy as they were in the past and once kids come in, the entire story changes but they are natural skin routines which you know and can maintain but laziness and neglect won’t let you put them to practice.

Try natural skin routines if you can’t afford the other, it won’t bite you except you really want to share your husband.

Take note, what attracts is what grabs attention true or false? So you should reconsider taking proper care of your skin.

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Don’t allow yourself to be older than your actual age it will only be equivalent to hurting yourself in the process. Keep that skin clean, glowing and attractive.

3) How do you dress? You need to see how some of these married women dress after marriage.

Oh! so because you are married means putting on loincloths and oversized dresses all the time? when you tie those loincloths what do you think you look like? A responsible wife?! Of course not, you look like a grandma. Stop making your husband feel like calling you mama instead of darling.

Look, some of you married women do ask for your own trouble. What happened to those dresses that bring out your curves? those dresses that make your husband keep his eyes on you?

Do you think a man wants to be around someone who looks like his mum? Someone whom he can’t just wish to pound at all times? No way, every man wants to come home to an appealing and hot good looking wife.

Therefore, its high time you tighten up. Get those clothes that put you in value, giving him the urge to run back home to you. Give yourself a look that he can hardly resist.

That is how you are going to be able to keep your husband in check so that even if he is out there he will always have that push to get back to his lovely wife.

4) Do you both still have those intimate moments or you tell him you can’t no more because of the kids?

Its only right for you both to keep doing the things you both did while you guys were still dating yeah it makes you both feel nothing has changed and I don’t see why a man will choose to cheat if he can still do the crazy things he used to do with his wife before marriage.

Before, you used to accompany him as your boyfriend to the club, snacks, and restaurants and now you believe you can’t do those things anymore because you have kids: Really?

Goodness!! yes, the meal you cook at home is awesome but what if he misses that intimacy of you both dressing and stepping out to that favorite resto you used to like? Ahah!!

Sure, you own big screens and expensive sound devices at home with which you can listen and dance to. Well, guess what, it’s more fun being out there with all those crazy people you know nothing about.

Husbands are men who forever remain boys. They need to feel that you both are still those Love birds and nothing has changed. Hence, doing those things you used to before the kids popped in remains necessary. Do not give your husband the opportunity to seek such from those young girls out there. YOUR KIDS ARE IMPORTANT SO TOO IS YOUR HUSBAND!!

Let’s look at CHEATING-10 REASONS WHY MARRIED MEN CHEAT point number 5;

5) Do you give him a listening ear?

Haha… I know but when you were in that relationship before getting married, you gave him your attention and a listening ear didn’t you?

Now, in marriage, you feel there is no need he has his issues and you have yours. As soon as he returns with stories he is willing to share with you, it all becomes a big drama or an excuse of you being tired and can’t listen.

Hmm!!, mind you. What on earth stops you from listening and giving him your point of view on this as you did in the past? it’s so funny how a woman will hear her husband’s difficulties or challenges from outsiders.

What reason do you have not to listen to your husband’s worries? Men are known to be bold and can handle their issues all alone and if he stoops down to share with you it could be a way for him to find relief in the words of his wife. When you push him away who are you sending him to?

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You see, those young girls out there pay attention to your husband like you once did. Wasn’t that what you used to do in the past? What has changed? Isn’t he the same person? What happened?

Men are like babies, they enjoy the attention. It means a lot to them and if you want to stop your husband from choosing ladies out there over you, start treating them like you used to before marriage. They need tenderness, love, and attention.

6) Are you over dramatic with your husband after an argument or misunderstanding?

You better stop that. It is very common but in the midst of all this drama, you possess the key to fix it all. I know… I feel horrible about it at times but what do you do? you admire what you are in so you got to keep it in order.

Rather than argue and make it a big… deal, give it up at a point in time he will stop talking too. Apologize and let it go it’s hard but try.

Treat him right after every issue don’t carry it to the next day. Before he leaves for work, get his breakfast ready. When he returns, welcome him, serve his food and find out how his day was and what challenges he had then do your best to make him feel better.

Do you think a man who Loves and appreciates you will prefer a lady out there to you with all these qualities?

The little things you do unknowingly and those little things you neglect go a long way to send your husband out.

7) Are you that woman who can’t just trust her husband and keep away from being suspicious in every aspect?

No Nah!! don’t be like that. He is your husband ain’t he? So don’t keep trying to make out something from every little thing.

Can boldly tell you some wives have lost the attention of their husbands due to this lack of trust and endless suspicions.

He tells you he is hanging out with his friends it’s suspicious to you, he says he was held up in traffic you doubt. Baby, I can’t eat due to stomach complications or tiredness you believe its because he has eaten somewhere else.

I am going on a business trip this is just the worst. To you, it’s a getaway with another lady. His phone rings he doesn’t pick this one is a big issue. To you its another lady hmm!! with all these suspicions what do you expect him to do?

As for me, once you suspect me on something, I will do it so you have a good reason to confirm your doubts. it’s not right how would you feel if all these were reversed to you? difficult question right?

Dear wives learn to trust your husbands, learn to believe what they tell you its only right to be a wife who makes her man proud of being married.

8) Nagging ash!! this one is one big issue with women especially wives.

Don’t dare them oh!! because if you try anyhow you will see anyhow haha..

Ever noticed some of you wives nag to an extend you regret in no time? Yes, that is your weakness.

Nagging chases a man away everyone wants their peace and so do men. What did you think? That they like that constant noise and drama of yours? No, they don’t it’s not for every little thing that happens that permits you to disturb everyone’s peace.

Some women can talk from now till tomorrow and at times the most annoying thing is you really don’t see what the problem is.

Please stop the nagging attitudes. Make your point and let it go it’s easier that way. Give your husband a cool head if not, he will find the need for another to calm him down.

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9) Do you appreciate your husband? Most women never see the good in their husbands all they see is fault upon faults.

What on earth do you think you are doing? Are you making him feel good about himself or do better?

You lie. You see those men, like everyone else they need those close to them to tell them how proud they are and how much they appreciate what they do.

You see at times, when I do something I believe is a plus and am not appreciated, I feel really disappointed. It hurts to put in the effort and feel like it’s not appreciated.

It’s true you expect more but if you don’t appreciate the little things he does how will big things happen?

You see the things he does which you consider to be nothing? others need just that to change their rain into sunshine.

It’s obvious everyone will find it more fulfilling to fend for the needs of someone who constantly shows appreciation and recognizes the efforts made than someone who seems blind to it all. Guess what, your husband isn’t different.

So many women who are well-positioned and capable of doing things by themselves won’t spare out on this.

Wait a minute. so you think because you can handle your financial life gives you the right to challenge your husband?

No, this isn’t right, no man likes being challenged especially in a world where things have changed and almost every man expects his woman to be busy so that she can assist him.

No matter how rich or well to do you are, you will forever remain a woman. Though in some cases, some men are actually responsible because as soon as they notice you can handle situations they take advantage.

As a woman, rather than do things and challenge your husband, I rather you tell him you are sorry you can’t help him with what he is demanding of you. This will go a long way to prevent you from challenging your man.

Always give your husband the opportunity to feel like your superhero.

cheating-10 reasons why married men cheat

Marriage has never been a bed of rose as life isn’t too but you could make it close to that if you know the right things to do.

It takes a lot for a man to decide to start doing stupid things or breaking marital vows.

Though some men just enjoy messing around but I advise you, do your best to ensure you do not have a hand in the nonsense he does.

If you haven’t been doing these ten things to hold your husband so he treats you right and appreciates you more, I bet its time to start putting all these into practice. Otherwise, keep it up so your marriage stays intact. I promise its the best gift you can give your home.

Do not let those girls out there who do not know what you have been through with your husband come from nowhere and grab his attention and finances just like that.

This is your game. Do not give an opportunity or reasons for your husband to think of keeping another lady out there and even if he does, do not give him that upper hand to choose a lady out there over you. Wives, play your cards well.

Be a wife of substance, a wife with a difference, a wife with good vibes.

Hope some of these tips were helpful to you. wishing you a happy married life with plenty of love, understanding, and respect.

These are some CHEATING-10 REASONS WHY MARRIED MEN CHEAT. What are some of the reasons in your opinion which makes married men cheat?


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