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Chacha Eke Fanni Finally Reveals Why Her Marriage Ends

Chacha Eke Fanni Finally Reveals Why Her Marriage Ends

Nigerian black ebony Queen who happens to be a famous actress announces to the public about the end of her marriage. The Nollywood actress Chacha has been married for 7-years to her husband Austin with three kids.

Chacha Eke Fanni Finally Reveals Why Her Marriage Ends

The Nollywood actress has in the past shared so many lovely pictures of herself her husband and her lovely kids. Her marriage looked so perfect as it was one of the most celebrated weddings amongst young actresses in the industry.

chacha eke fanni

According to “Chacha Eke”, she and Austin were best of friends before they got married and that has helped her whenever they had misunderstandings. She added that seeing her husband as a friend removes so much pressure from her marriage.

How Could Something Good Crash?

Reports have it that the Nollywood actress Chacha was a victim of domestic violence and she has been persevering and holding on thinking it was going to get better someday but as days turned to weeks, weeks to months, and months to years, Chacha finally realized that staying in that marriage only meant ending her life someday and so she had no option than to move from her dead vain.

In the Nollyhood actress words, she said this to her fans;

” I know people will say I am crazy, but I am not. This video is to let the world know I am done. I am done finally and I am leaving my life. You will hear my story”.


Many may not know that being in an abusive marriage isn’t easy and also many have died in abusive marriages just because of fear of societal judgment. It must have been a hard drive for her and it takes a lot of courage and boldness to finally come up with the mindset to move away from it.

Whatever the case, Chacha was going through it all by herself and if moving away is what will give her some inner peace then, you just have to support a woman who chooses her life over death.

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