Cameroon Music Video Criticised; Witty Minstrel Video

Cameroon Music Video Criticised; Witty Minstrel Video

Cameroon music video criticised; Witty Minstrel Video.

Cameroon music videos criticized can always be really hard for the artist to deal with. If you are asked to name a tribe in the grassfield which takes everything about its culture and tradition seriously and is very proud of it, I bet you will make mention of the same tribe I am about to uncover.

Now, as you all know already, the Nso natives who hail from the Bamenda grassfields, in the Northwest Region of Cameroon don’t clown with their culture nor tradition. They are so proud of every bit of their culture most especially their native language which happens to be lamnso.

They possess a vast culture exhibited during their cultural week festival called the <Ngam Ngonso>. Within this period, the Nso natives bring together all aspects of their tradition and culture.

With that said, I will like to draw your attention to the business of the day: the Njang hip-hop artist by name <Witty Minstrel> who hails from the Nso native is happily fluanting his new video release whereas the Nso people are not in support.

This will be the first time a Cameroon music video is criticised by its own natives. Natives always support their artist but with this, it only proof the music video did’nt meet their expectations.

The song entitled <Be Proud> popularly known as <we proud of who we are> had gained so much authority at its audio level since it was used by the Nso as a back tone to display their different cultural know-how.

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You would be wondering, why I now say it has made the Nso people doubt his cultural know-how to the level they had to criticize the music video release.

It appears the Nso people aren’t impressed with the content of <Be Proud> after the video was released. Some Nso people complain that the video doesn’t make sense because he sings of the pride of being from Nso yet he fails to showcase off their heritage in the video.

Others say, the founder of the Nso dynasty did not future in the video. Also, you don’t see the presentation of the Nso traditional meal as proof of tradition.

Rather, they are bitter about him putting up a love story with the reflect of the Bambileke style of wedding in this video instead of their cultural ethics and showcase.

It really comes as shock that a tribe like the Nso community wouldnt support their own. Well, it only means that the Nso people are really offended to the extend they had to criticize this music video from their own.

Check out the video below:

Cameroon music video criticised; Witty Minstrel.

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