Cameroon GCE Board

Cameroon’s educational system has its uniqueness when it comes to rating its citizens that is both pupils and students. All exams in secondary schools under the Anglosaxon educational system are governed by the Cameroon GCE Board. In Cameroon, once you are done with the primary sector of education popularly known by many other countries as the elementary level, it is time for you to get into the secondary and high school level which is at this stage wherein candidates are being prepared to sit for the GCE session.

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Cameroon GCE Board

Creation of the GCE Board

The General Certificate of Education is a system of education from the UK and was adopted in the late 90’s by English-speaking Cameroon. In Cameroon, the secondary school education is composed of a seven years program; the first five make up the first cycle and the last two, the second cycle. At the final year of the cycles, the GCE examination is taken and is termed Ordinary Level and Advanced Level respectively. However, the syllabus of the GCE O Level comprises studies of a 3 year program that is from Form Three to Form Five.

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In 1977, the London GCE underwent Cameroonisation and was run conviniently until 1984. From 1984 onwards, the Cameroon GCE began going through series of abnormalities and a few officials from London were found withdrawing from activities of the Board. This withdrawal reached climax from 1990, when the Examination and Assessment Council of the University of London withdrew entirely from its role played so far on the Cameroon GCE. This resulted from the alarming level of the irregularities which began some years back. As observed back then, the number of irregularities included;

  • In 1990 the GCE lost some of its questions that were set aside for future examination sessions as these rather served for Entrance evaluations into ENS (Ecole Nationale Superieure),
  • Since its adoption, the Cameroon GCE had its exam paper format but without prior notification to candidates, this was changed In 1991.
  • Printing of low-quality papers,
  • Papers with wrong pagination,
  • Papers with wrong orthography,
  • Insufficiencies in the number of exam materials and question papers,
  • The postponement of some papers as a result of late arrival of question papers at some examination sessions,
  • The leakage of examination papers alongside incorrect instructions on question papers.
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Affected by the COVID-19, the GCE Results 2021 are fruits of a well organized hard labor incurred by students, teachers, school administrative authorities and parents throughout the academic year. Over 170,000 candidates sat in for the exams at both the Ordinary and Advanced Level, and statistics provided by the board give an insight of the overall performance.

Get the 2021 GCE results below;

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Click here to download GCE Advanced Level Results 2021 – Technical

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