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Its but a great feeling for me to share my inspirational blogs with you these blogs are founded by women and are just so inspirational, educational and felt with so much interesting and great content. I also like their presentation and their blogs are also very catchy that at a look at it you will want to discover what they are all about and what they bring to the table.

These blogs are lifestyle blogs and do so much to entertain and give you answers to questions that you may be wishing to find solution to be it travel, motherhood, style, relationship, food and drink, and even craft.

  • My first will be “Hither and Thither” founded by Ashley Muir Bruhn. I like reading her blog a whole lot she talks about home and design, lifestyle, family, food and drinks, style. I really do enjoy her home designs and also the weekly digest.. Get more educated with Ashley and get her own opinions on those questions you have been finding answers to.
  • This blog name caught my attention “Gal Meets Glam” founded by Julia Engel. This blog never came to existence with expectations of earning money but Julia started this because she had a     passion to share her outfit wishes and creativity with the world. Her blog covers fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and travel. She finally got to have all the dresses she wished for through the realization of her own clothing line her approach to business focuses on her own real lifestyle ideas which keeps her ideas unique and real. You might just want to read more about her blog post she is indeed wow!!.
  • “A Beautiful Mess” by sister team Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman when I came across this blog a lot of questions ran to my mind like what mess is beautiful, could this be a joke? So it was a big push to clicking on it then I started laughing at myself and just couldn’t help but read through. On this blog, you will find home decor projects, recipes, crafts, natural beauty and random bits of life in the Midwest. They grew up making crafts at home and hold as goal to influence you with the positive urge of creating stuff. I get inspired about their creativity on craftwork since I like trying craft. You want to learn something new about craft read their content.
  • Ala-lah! “A Cup Of JO” founder Joanna Goddard its a daily lifestyle site for women. It covers fashion, beauty, design, food, travel, relationship, motherhood, and lifestyle. If you enjoy shopping online and discovering new things then “Cup Of Jo” got you totally covered.
  • “The Blonde Salad” by Chiara Ferragni her blog was an outfit blog, to a fashion and travel magazine. In 2015, she changed it to lifestyle blog where she shares amazing tips on beauty, lifestyle, travel and fashion.
  • “Mammypi style” blog by Hilda Awambeng a Cameroonian blogger got me smiling she has great content and her blog is about her showcasing her personal take on style and fashion. Hilda was nominated best fashion blogger in Cameroon in 2017. she has a lot to offer when it comes to style you might just wanna find out what Cameroon fashion and lifestyle bloggers have to offer.
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These where my inspirational blogs and I have always wished to share and now that am a blogger I find it easier to share with you. If you have read them keep reading and if you have not give it a try they have engaging content and will make you hunger for more.


What blogs will you refer me to? I wish to read the blogs you’ve read and you like.

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Hello everyone! I am Shuri Fuh Maouline, founder of shurilifestyle, a Cameroonian based in Douala, Littoral. I blog about routines, motherhood, lifestyle, travel, relationship, food, and drinks. I enjoy sharing my little experiences and ideas and I hope that through this medium I will be able to give helpful tips and answer some of your questions. Feel free to correct me, comment and ask your questions via the comments section or by email via