Biggy237 Tvshow Update Analysis

Biggy237 Tvshow Update Analysis

Biggy237 Tvshow Update Analysis

From BigBrother Africa came Bigbrother naija and then now Biggy237. At the mention of the Biggy237 project, Cameroonians saw it as an unrealistic project which was more talked about than accomplished and it might surprise you to know so many Cameroonians still don’t believe in its existence. Now, Biggy237 Tvshow Update Analysis.

As you all know, Biggy237 has 2020 as its first year of existence and it doesn’t feel that right to hear how this tv show is being criticized by other nations and shockingly Cameroonians inclusive.

True as it might be, the Biggy237 cant be compared or placed at a better position than the Bigbrother Naija tv show but would you be wondering why? I put it to you that Cameroon is doing this show for its first time and I am proud to be a witness to its existence.

You cant tell me Bigbrother Naija got it all right in its first year of creation. Bitter as it might sound, BigBrother Naija at its first year of existence couldn’t be right as BigBrother Africa was.

It is all shocking to even hear people try to compare Bigbrother Naija to Biggy237. Not saying Biggy237 couldn’t do better yes they could since they had great sponsors like Mtn, Santa Lucia and just to name a few. Question of the day. Do we blame it on the coordinators or biggy237 team as a whole?

However, my greatest deception right now about the Biggy237 concept is the choice of lodging of the inmates. Biggy237, you could do better with the housing facilities of the inmates. It’s not funny when you are trying to focus on the show and you notice that during certain tasks some inmates are found standing while others seated simply because of lack of seats.

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Cameroon has good lodging facilities at fair prices and if Biggy237 could get a spacious and more comfortable housing facility the concept would be better than it is now.

Talking of the bed size which has made many call it a dormitory bed would have been made in appropriate sizes because seriously it looks weird to find yourself in a dormitory after thinking you were out of it forever. A bedroom is a relaxation area and should be made to meet that comfort and absolute peace the body and mind require.

About the fire incident which took place recently, I for one do not totally blame it on Biggy237 but partially it’s their fault since every leader automatically takes the blames of its subordinates.

The fire incident has made nationals of Cameroon and other countries who heard or watched from the random video which circulated rate the Biggy237 tv show as a mislead concept but why don’t you see it from the same side as I do? either of these happened.

The fire came as a result of the oven being used by an inmate who knew nothing about operating an oven or it was on very high heat with something too fatty in it and as a result came the fire outbreak.

Really, its the first time in Cameroon having a tv show as such and you should be ready for the good, the bad and the ugly because all these are going to tick present not just because Biggy237 is doing it for the first time but also because that is the way it should be.

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Most people are busily criticizing and talking more about the Biggy237 tv show kindly tell me if all its happenings were absent what will you be talking about? exactly my point. When talking about its bad sides, make sure you talk about its positivity too.

It takes courage and experience for a country to do something this huge for its first time and instead of constantly criticizing the whole concept lets give some credits when it is due.

Biggy237 I tell you what when all this started as a rumour I personally alongside other Cameroonians wasn’t sure of it being realised until it came time for its launching then I became totally convinced that Cameroon is on another level.

Biggy237 you could do better. There are so many things you need to work on like your soundtrack, it’s not right to be following a show, and all of a sudden the sound system becomes faulty it totally makes you lose track of the entire show.

When it comes to the voice of Biggy please kindly stay genuine so you keep it original no need trying to make it sound like it was the voice of the other Bigbrother(Naija). Staying original is king we understand you are still learning but try as much as you can not to copy the others.

Cameroon has been considered as a french speaking country only for so long but now the Biggy237 concept has made it open that Cameroon is a bilingual country since it partitions the days for the use of our national languages by the inmates which consist of French and English with Pidgin English as a bonus language.

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The biggy237 concept is great and could have an awesome impact if it is done differently and uniquely. Show us what we haven’t seen over the years in the other Bigbrother houses, bring up unexpected tasks, keep the house funky.

Organize interesting competitions amongst the inmates in the house, what happened to our Cameroon culture? make it present in the house because we really do not see Cameroon reflect in the house aside from the usual.

Biggy237, You are Cameroon you ought to represent Cameroon keep the show unique you cant be Nigeria or some other country forget what so ever is going on over there and do you.

People enjoy uniqueness the more you do you the more motivated audience become find your voice and authority. No one enjoys copyright instead of original content.

If you can do things your way using your initiative and also asking the inmates to remember why they are there and focus so as to boost audience then it will be a great job and a great positive move.

Biggy237 Tvshow Update Analysis

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