Biggy237 Tvshow Update Analysis

Biggy237- Fans Argue About Nerisa’s Team

Biggy237- Fans Argue About Nerisa’s Team

You all know eviction took place four left the house and three were revealed to us as biggy237 top house runners so far.

Some sort of argument have been going own between fans of different biggy237 contestants. Fans say biggy237 isn’t ethical in the way they are going about the reality TV show.

Many say it is not fair for biggy237 to allow a sponsor be a contestant’s team. Others say the Tv show to them looks fishy with the way it’s going and that the other contestants are just there to fill the house because biggy237 has made their winner already.

Biggy237 fans are crying bitterly saying it’s Cameroon’s culture and it isn’t strange because cameroon is fun of being unfair and that the entire running of the tv show right now is just for formality.

As you all know by now Nerisa is the biggy237 number one top runner so far. Could this be why fans have this feeling or is it just because they think for the fact her team is a sponsor makes her a winner?

Well, biggy237 fans say to them it’s like being a CEO of your company and participating in a contest you organized.

Maybe as the game goes on, the fans will believe in the concept of biggy237 again and see it as a fair and genuine game. For now fans are not convinced yet.

Biggy237- Fans Argue About Nerisa’s Team

Biggy237, are these allegations true? Because so many people are super eager about the biggy237 concept and leaving them with such thoughts isn’t good for the image of your reality TV show.

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Biggy237 Top House Runners And Eviction

In as much as people must talk, it will be good if biggy237 can clear the air on this. You have made people give up bigbrother Naija for biggy237 kindly try to make them stay so they can keep watching.

Many are excited about this reality tv show you are keeping us glued to our gadgets make sure you maintain this.

I don’t know if the allegations by the biggy237 fans are for real but one sure thing I know as you know is to every game there is a winner and a loser and a the fans are asking for is a fair game with no favoritism.

Biggy237 we trust what you are doing and all the fans are asking is, you should keep the game real.

What do you think about Nerisa’s team being a sponsor of biggy237?

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