Biggy237 Encouraged By Famous Nigerian Comedian

Biggy237 Encouraged By Famous Nigerian Comedian

Biggy237 Encouraged By Famous Nigerian Comedian

Biggy237 which all started as a joke has gained more attention and engagement as it goes viral in no time. Many can’t still believe its actually happening because Cameroon isn’t known for hosting shows like this. I must say it’s one of it’s kind and a great plus to Cameroon. Biggy237 Encouraged By Famous Nigerian Comedian but before we get there, let’s have a little tore on biggy237.

Biggy237 is a reality talent-driven Tv show which originates from a group called “We Love Ndop”. This show has as participant from age 21 and above. A follow up of the reality show can be on these two channels “Biggy237 or MM(that with the blue logo).

Now, I will like to put you through a few updates. Biggy237 has contestants as follows just in case you don’t know them yet.

NAME: Mc.Claire Tifuh

PROFESSION: Writer,Model/ Actress

NAME: Melinda Swan

PROFESSION: Journalist/Artist

NAME: Mc Dibenja

PROFESSION : TV presenter, media influencer, PR Strategist

NAME: Irene Pretty

NAME: King Aluan


NAME: Ranibelkizzeey

PROFESSION: Model, Makeup artist, entrepreneur.

NAME: Zita Minaj237

PROFESSION: Journalist, Commercial model, Online marketer, Actress, Video vixen.

NAME: Kitchen Bouy

PROFESSION: Sound engineer/ artist

NAME: Cindy Stainless

NAME: Ndukong Joel

PROFESSION: Actor, comedian, market developer

Biggy237 Encouraged By Famous Nigerian Comedian

NAME: Brown Popsy


Biggy237 Encouraged By Famous Nigerian Comedian

NAME: Nyanda kelly

PROFESSION: Legal Secretary/Accountant.

NAME: Achiri Victor

PROFESSION: Teacher/filmmaker

NAME: Gaga wayne

Profession : Student

NAME: Epie-Makoge Kollins

PROFESSION: Journalist and Sales Representative

NAME : Fotso Brandon

NAME: Ray Zeal

PROFESSION: Musician/songwriter/ artist/movie actor.


PROFESSION: Fashion Designer / makeup artist / Marketer / Graphic designer

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NAME : Eryk-c Döpez

PROFESSION: Geographer

NAME : T-Jay

PROFESSION: Photographer

NAME: Mbock Bisseck Alain


NAMES: Fonyeh Vanissa ( khalifa Vanithels

PROFESSION: Law Student, makeup Artist/hairstylist, designer, actress, dancer, video vixen, modeling.

NAME: Akere Nerisa

PROFESSION: Entrepreneur, model, makeup artist, and beautician.

NAME: Plataly Carine

PROFESSION: Agric engineer/ Actress

NAME: Bacha Blanche aka small pepper

PROFESSION: Nurse,Actress,Director

Biggy237 Encouraged By Famous Nigerian Comedian

Here is a viral video with strong words from famous Nigerian comedian Charles Owuru about Biggy237 encouraging everyone to support the concept behind Biggy237.

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