Baby shower; Gift Bringing Ceremony; gift idea

A baby shower also called “Gift bringing ceremony” is definitely the most exciting period for the mother to be, friends and family.

Baby shower is a surprise ceremony or come together organized by either the friends, family or even husband of a heavily pregnant woman. It’s usually organized to welcome and celebrate with the expecting family of a new born baby.

A baby shower is also called “Gift bringing ceremony” why is it so? It is so because during a baby shower, friends, well wishers and family members support the mum to be by bringing along with them little gifts or parcels so as to reduce the mums expenses.

In time memorial, Cameroonians and other African countries do this celebration after when the baby is already born. In Cameroon, it is called “Born house”. A date is fixed by the parents of the new born baby. Family members, colleagues and friends are invited to come merry with the mum and dad of the new baby. Variety of meals are cooked and lots of white palm wine and other liquors are put together for this celebration. Note should be taken, in Cameroon our must be dish during “born house” called “born house plantain” is always present either cooked with smoked meat and smoked fish or fresh meat.

Presently, the western world has been consumed by what other foreign countries do. Most Africans have diverted from our usual ceremony after child birth to a baby shower which takes effect before the baby is born.

While the White community has a broad knowledge on baby shower and how it works, it’s noticed most Africans don’t even know what it’s about and what expectations it brings. In Cameroon, you go to baby showers and you notice a lot of people coming either empty handed or coming with wine. I am not saying taking wine to honor and invitation isn’t necessary but I am saying bringing a bottle of wine to a baby shower to me is out of context. Let’s look at what is expected from invitees during a Baby shower; Gift Bringing Ceremony; gift idea.


1.) Gifts: Every guest is expected to come along with at-least a gift to support the expenses of the mum to be. Let’s look at some gift examples you can bring along with you.

2.) Words Of Encouragement: Most people don’t know the power of words in the life of man. About becoming a parent like other engagements in life, needs lots of encouragement which is why, during a baby shower, the guess should take upon themselves to encourage the parents awaiting a new member to be strong and patient with whatever situation that lies ahead of them. You should also mention that they should remember in times they need you, you shall be there for them. Words of encouragements are sweet ways to safe a soul in some way.

3.) Help In Unveiling The Gift With Mum To Be: In most cases, the mum to be deny to open the gifts in the mist of her guest. In the case where the mum to be decides to open the gifts in the presence of her guest then do well to partake in its opening. This happens to be the most interesting part of a baby shower.

These are my few tips on Baby shower; Gift Bringing Ceremony- Gift Ideas. What do I need to add to this?

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