Baby Mama – Stages She Goes Through.

Baby Mama – Stages She Goes Through

How many of you know what it feels like being Baby Mama – Stages She Goes Through.? Most times you realize how badly you really wish to have a kid for that particular dude who melts your heart but this could also come with consequences.

You may think that being the mother to his kid can hold him down or make him stay loyal to you but the answer is a big no. A child doesn’t keep a man down but love does.

A baby mama is a lady who has a child out of wedlock and is either with the father of the child or alone because of her decision to keep the child.

For those who are baby mama’s it’s easy for you to explain to the society how hurt you were when you saw the sparkle fade away from your parents immediately you broke the news of your pregnancy. Now, being a baby mama comes with a lot of ups and downs.

There are moments you would cry, others you will laugh and above all you will love like you have never before.

Let’s look at some of the stages a baby mama goes through in the case where the father of the child accepts the paternity of the child.

  • Dealing with your job and the child: As a baby mama, it becomes really difficult to handle both your child and your job since you have to take your child to clinic sometimes, drop the child at school, attend parents teachers meetings and so on. Most time dealing with all these and handling work isn’t as easy as it sounds but as a baby mama you have to keep your job and still take care of your child so you can offer the best to your child.
  • Moving on: She believes she and the father of her child could still be together in the future since they have a child together. So she tries as much as possible to keep getting the attention of her baby daddy and once she doesn’t get that it brings a different kind of vibe. She either starts seeing faults in everything her baby daddy does or she starts unnecessary fights.
  • That lady is not going near my child: Once the baby daddy moves on with his life and is now with some other girl it becomes an issue to the baby mama since she wants to be the only woman near her baby daddy. She starts acting up and having issues with her baby daddy’s lady who is trying to help the baby daddy in his role as the father of the child.
  • Finding love: Finding that someone who will love you again as a baby mama isn’t easy since most dudes believe you already have a child and may not get to give them that attention, love and care as you would have if you didn’t have a child. This could make the baby mama feel she is rejected and has no charms of admiration which could either leave them unhappy or depressed.
  • Fear of introducing another man into her child’s life: Easy as it may seem but I will have to tell you it’s not easy to introduce a new man into the life of your child since the child is aware he/she has a father and actually appreciates the dad. It’s either the introduction of a new man in their life makes them think otherwise, brings anger between the kid and the mum, makes the child disregard the mum or Accept the change and live with it.
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Unlike in the case the baby daddy accepts paternity, when the baby daddy Denys paternity, it doesn’t mean the end of the world or you can’t handle single parenting.

Like there Is a good and bad side for almost everything that happens in life especially single parenting, in this case you still have some advantages like taking the sole decision for your kid, controlling your finance especially when you have a surplus or shortage , your child will be super responsible since he or she will be forced to give you a helping hand.

In a nutshell, being a baby mama comes with so much good vibes and at same time stressful it can really be hard if you just don’t keep faith and accept things as they go. Life of a baby mama can just be so exciting and scary at same time.

What is your experience as a being a baby mama and do you think being a baby mama is a better option or not?

Baby Mama – Stages She Goes Through.

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